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Profile Overview

Klair Raven Valdez

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Valdez


Klair Valdez

March 18th, 2370

San Francisco - Earth


Officially 2391, Unofficially still alive.

Starfleet Academy - San Francisco, Earth


Klair “Raven” Valdez is a Starfleet Intelligence Agent that is currently on a mission in Boulder, CO, Earth.
She was recruited in 2391 by SFI because of a skillset that they were able to detect on her application and mental evaluation. Because of this SFI faked her death in 2391 and placed her status as deceased. Since 2391 Klair was no more and Raven was born in her place. Since then Raven has conducted numerous missions, off the books, for her SFI handler.

Currently, Raven was promoted to the rank of Captain and allowed to choose her own missions and follow her own leads to where ever they took her.


Klair/Raven stands at a height of five feet six inches and an approximate weight of 115lbs. She has Hispanic and American heritage. Dark brown eyes, and long raven black hair, which is most of the time concealed or altered based on her assignment.


“O divine art of subtlety and secrecy! Through you we learn to be invisible, through you inaudible, and hence we can hold the enemy’s fate in our hands.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Klair has always had a mind of a tactician and the heart of a Philosopher. She treats each and every assignment as if she has the power to control every aspect and condition. She approaches every challenge in a meticulous manner and sees every angle for what it is; a tool for her use. She is a very obedient woman and loyal to a fault some would say, but even she knows the sacrifice that a person must take to ensure the freedoms and customs that the Federation requires.


Most of Klair “Raven” Valdez’s personnel file has been redacted or completely removed from Starfleet’s Archives. However, the portion that has not been classified is as follows.

Early Life: ( 2370 – 2388)

Klair Valdez was born in 2370 to Susan and Marq Valdez, both of who sat on the presidential council. So to say that Klair had a normal childhood would be an understatement. Her upbringing was that of an Affleuntal lifestyle; not just in wealth but also in her education. She was privately tutored until her high school years were her parents thought that it would be best for their daughter to mingle with other’s her age and they enrolled her in Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. However, even the poshest and highly raved-about high school has its bad apples and Klair ran into and with such a crowd. 

Just before her 18th birthday and a week before graduation Klair and her then-boyfriend skipped school altogether and end up getting into trouble, where in the end Klair was left behind to take all of the blame; even though she was associated with her boyfriend, she hadn’t actually participated in the event that landed her in front of the board of directors and the Dean of the school. However, the school didn’t see what had happened and expelled her from the school, but as luck had it she still had a grade point average that allowed her to graduate with her class.

Academy Life: (2388 – 2391)

During the time that Klair was at the Academy, she spent most of it either studying her Philosophy major or with another cadet; Vausees “Vax” Ves, a cadet that was majoring in Criminal Justice. However, fate seems to think otherwise, and in 2391 an officer from Starfleet Intelligence approached her with a proposition that she could not refuse, life as a Special Operations Operative, so she accepted and sacrificed the love that she had for Vausees by faking her own death with the help from her handler.

Fleet Service: (2391 – Present)

After her funeral, which she witnessed from the shadows of a mausoleum, Klair was placed in the field to serve as one of the many-faceted tips of the spear that would never be recognized for their deeds or acts of heroism.

For Klair, who was renamed and codenamed to “Raven” and given the rank of Ensign, this all began in 2391 and lasted until 93, with the Sovereignty of Kahless and the Fleet Operation called Operation: Gatecrasher. Wherein she was able to gather intel on several SoK stratigic bases and shipyards. She fed this information to both the Federation and the Klingon Defence Force, from within the shadows of both personnel and data bursts to critical officials in the alliance. This information aided in the joint force operation that liberated Federation worlds conquered by the Sovereignty. The destruction of the Sovereignty’s fleets, and the deaths of the Sovereignty’s leaders. Which ultimately lead to their defeat. For her deeds, she was promoted twice to full fill the role of Lieutenant in the latter part of 2393.

In 2394 having thought that the joint force operation was a success “Raven” intercepted a transmission from within the Klingon Empire about a house that was being aided by the survivors of the Sovereignty of Kahless. That was later identified as the House of Mo’kai and was partially responsible for the attack on a peace conference at Khitomer, as well as the cyber operations, sabotage, and terrorist bombings inflicted on the Federation and the Klingon Empire. Klair was able to feed this intel to both the Federation and KDF through encrypted data bursts, all the while remaining a ghost to both.

A year later she was assigned a mission that required complete cooperation from the Cardassian Union, and her identity remains unknown. To do this “Raven” disguised herself, with some dermal modifications, as a Cardassian Obsidian Order Agent. While in disguise she was able to convince a member of the Central Command that it would be in Cardassias interest to reopen diplomatic relations with the Federation. Before her cover could be discovered the agent was found murdered, or at least would appear that way. “Raven” just simply slipped away undetected and back into Federation space on board an unregistered freighter ship. This action led to commitments from Cardassia being light, but nonetheless trade still happened between Cardassia and the Federation.

Three years later and with the rank of Commander, “Raven” was given a mission to attack Cardassian cargo convoys under the guise of a Cardassian ship. Her objective was to make each attack appear to have been orchestrated by the Detapa Council, it was a total success, and as a result of her efforts and scheming an economic crisis began for Cardassia.

In 2399, “Raven” uncovers that the 2385 attack on Mars had been led by a Tal Shiar cell that had escaped by a mole within the Federation. She kept this information from Starfleet Intelligence and stored it away for personal use should she need it. During this time a crisis befell the Federation as Omega particles began to appear all over the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. While doing research about the particle she discovered an old text from the age of the Tkon and how they planted an emitter within the moon. Though it took her several days to decipher where on the moon the device was located she was able to realign the device and in secret stabilized the SOL sector from assault from the Omega crisis that had begun to sweep across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

In 2400, “Raven” was promoted to Captain, and for her unfettered loyalty to the Federation and its allies. Her unrecognized deeds and success. She was given full autonomy to seek out her own missions and to follow any lead that she found. This excited “Raven” and she brought out the intel that she had gathered about a Federation mole and began to hunt this person down. This leads her to Boulder, CO.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2388 - 2389 Cadet Freshmen - Philosophy Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2389 - 2390 Cadet Sophomore - Philosophy Starfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2390 - 2391 Cadet Junior - Philosophy Starfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
2391 - 2392 SFI Agent - Spec Ops - Field Trainee Starfleet Intelligence - Operation: Gatecrasher
2392 - 2393 SFI Agent - Spec Ops - Field Trainee Starfleet Intelligence - Operation: Gatecrasher
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2393 - 2394 SFI Agent - Spec Ops - Field Trainee Starfleet Intelligence - Operation: Gatecrasher
2394 - 2395 SFI Agent - Spec Ops - Field Operative Starfleet Intelligence - House of Mo'Kai
Lieutenant Commander
2395 - 2398 SFI Agent - Spec Ops - Field Operative Starfleet Intelligence - Cardassian Union
2398 - 2399 SFI Agent - Spec Ops - Field Operative Starfleet Intelligence - Cardassian Union; cargo convoys
2399 SFI Agent - Spec Ops - Field Operative Starfleet Intelligence - Attack on Mars; Tal Shiar Mole
2399 SFI Agent - Spec Ops - Field Operative Starfleet Intelligence - Omega Crisis - SOL Sector
2400 - Present SFI Agent - Spec Ops - Officer Starfleet Intelligence - Free Range