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Profile Overview

Mason Cohen

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Civilian Cohen




Mason is a slight, nervous looking man. He could easily go entirely unnoticed were it not for his bright red hair, and striking green eyes. To those that pay attention, he gives the impression of always being deep in thought, but not lost in it. He watches carefully and cautiously.

Mason is a thoughtful, articulate and opinionated writer. His constant anxiety does not prevent him from following the story, even into dangerous circumstances. He is passionate and unwavering in his views. However his emotions get him into trouble and his passion borders on activism. He often doesn’t live up to his own ideals.


Mason Robin Cohen dropped out of Starfleet Academy during his first year, much to the disappointment of a few instructors, and the relief of a great deal of others.  He was talented, showing himself to be a fair pilot with a decent mind for strategy and command.  What his leadership skill’s lacked in confidence and calm were somewhat balanced by charisma and intelligence. However, His stubborn and emotional ways outweighed any potential talent he had in the eyes of many of his instructors.  However, those who saw greatness in him, believed in it with their whole hearts. In the end they were unable to convince him to stay.   

Mason became a federation journalist.  His work was smart, passionate and engaging, but controversial.  He made a name for himself when he wrote a famous profile on a group of Maquis. He was embedded with a cell of the organization for 6 months, getting to know the members personally, and even observing some of their missions.  During a standoff between the group, a Cardassian Warship, and the USS Bellevue( a scientific vessel that accidentally stumbled into the situation), the situation escalated due to a unfortunate combination of Cardassian manipulation, Maquis anger, and a Starfleet vessel in over it’s head.  All but two members of the faction were killed, many by Starfleet officers.  The remaining two, including the leader of the group, are currently serving life-sentences.

Mason was arrested as a traitor and terrorist, but his legal team argued that his actions were in keeping with the role of a “Free Press”.  The trial was heavily publicized, and centered on the question of Mason’s involvement in the group, and whether or not it ever strayed from observer to collaborator. Eventually, Mason was cleared of all charges and he released the profile, which heavily criticized the Federation, and questioned the role of Starfleet. The article was immensely popular, and was even adapted (by Cohen) into a Holo-Novel.

Now, Cohen has been assigned to the ________ to cover the______in the _______.  He’ll be there to carefully document it.  However, the subjects of his new assignment may not be too keen on him being there.