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Laura Axinal

El-Aurian (former Borg) Female

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Ensign Axinal




Laura was born just before the Borg invaded her homeworld. She has no real memory of any of it, as she was an infant when they came for her. She was matured and assimilated, much as the rest of her species. Her first memories came online several years later as a drone.

Laura doesn’t actually possess most of her memories as a drone because a memory failure and subsequent wipe of the majority of her implants’ memory banks. She remembers only a few days of being Borg before her connection to the Collective was severed. She does remember the pain, the anxiety, the unsurety of it all, however.

Her ship was destroyed by the Federation, and most of the drones on board died with it. A small part of the ship crashed on a nearby planet, and the collective was silenced forever for the 6 surviving drones. 2 went immediately insane and terminated their own lives. 3 attempted to carry out the orders of the collective and find more to assimilate. Laura, then designation Five of Six, wandered aimlessly instead. She found herself at a nearby Federation settlement.

The settlement refused to accept her at first, but she really didn’t understand anything except movement. One of the doctors there took notice of this and offered to help her. She assisted in the restoration of individuality to Laura and named her after her own daughter who had been lost in a recent conflict.

After the necessary surgeries to restore her back to her former form (with little of the external implants thankfully remaining), she felt lost. She wandered planet to planet, lending a hand where she could. She picked up a few odd handyman type skills along the way, just trying to find a way to fit in.

She eventually found her way to a monastery where they taught her about inner silence. She stayed there for several years without speaking or hearing a word, just enjoying the serenity of quiet. It was the farthest thing from the Collective, and she found that simple fact comforting.

After 3 years of meditation and various derivative forms of Tai Chi and Yoga, Laura felt that she was ready to face the galaxy at large once again. She enlisted in Starfleet Academy, hoping to give back to the ones that had not only freed her from the Collective but also nursed her to health and took care of her when she had no one.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer USS Ark Royal