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El Aurian Male

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Civilian Tyrik






El Auria


A man with a lot of history, a lot of trauma, and yet, somehow, a near inexhaustible hope for the future. Fifteen years old when the Borg invaded, and decimated the entire El Aurian home world, Tyrik lost his entire family, and barely escaped with his life. From there, an orphan, and scattered like the rest of his people, he made a life for himself as well as he could. His naturally inquisitive mind led him to engineering, a skill he was able to leverage over the many years since to ensure he was able to support himself. He’s since moved into a civilian contractor role, working alongside Starfleet when it comes to working on dated technology, since he has lived through the eras most of it was used in.


Tyrik is a physically imposing man, standing at two point one meters, and weighing in at one hundred and four kilos. His skin is dark brown, and his eyes, also brown, are so dark that many people have mistaken him for a Betazoid. His black hair is usually cut very short on the sides, and left longer, and twisted on top, and his facial hair is trimmed into a mustache and goatee. He wears jewelry often, including earrings, and necklaces, as well as rings and old style watches. His usual mode of dress tends to be stylish, and a bit more formal than some, giving him a sort of debonair quality that attracts attention, especially when coupled with his height, and his broad shouldered, athletic build. Most would describe him as a human male in his late twenties, possible early thirties, despite the fact that he’s been alive for a century and a half.



Much like the rest of his people, Tyrik can sometimes be enigmatic, and quiet. It is, after all, how they came by their reputation of being a race of listeners. He tends to sit back and watch as the world flows around him, and has been known to make incredibly astute observations about the people around him. Many have told him that he should seek employment as a counselor, or even a full on doctor of psychiatric medicine, but that has never been something he has felt called to do. He has too much of his own trauma still to work through, even so many years later, to be effective at helping others come to terms with their own.


Tyrik was born on the largest continent on the sole inhabited planet in the El Auria system. Even to this day he still just states that he was born on El Auria, as the name of his home world was never shared with those outside the species, and since it was lost to the Borg those who knew it find the memory far too painful to discuss. His parents were both everyday citizens of the El Aurian people, his mother, Jenora, being an artisan famous in the quadrant for her pottery, and his father, Merol, a simple merchant, and, of course, the biggest source of distribution for Jenora’s works. His childhood was idyllic, and calm, filled with warm, comfortable experiences, and a solid understanding that he was loved, and valued by his family and community. He was educated well, and taught the values of hard work, and community, and the responsibilities that come along with both.

That idyllic childhood came crashing down around him when he was just past his fifteenth birthday. It was completely unexpected, and the devastation was some complete that it is a wonder anyone at all survived the attack. When the massive ships filled the skies above their planet many panicked, and found their fate because of it. Tyrik would have been one of them had his parents not kept their wits about them. He was whisked away to the nearest ship they could find, dodging Drones and relying on sheer luck to be able to get there. His father had offered his own ship to help anyone who could make it there to escape, and so that’s where he and his mother fled. Unfortunately Tyrik was the only one to make it. A few blocks shy of their escape his mother was grabbed by a Drone neither of them saw in time, and her last words as the nanites flooded into her system, were to tell him to run. He made it onto the ship and watched as the same fate fell to his father, and then had to look from one of the view ports as the Drone who had assimilated him turned his attention to the ship he’d only just boarded. The last view he had of his world was watching it dwindle as they rocketed upwards in the ship, screaming into the sky to escape the chaos.

From there his life became a whirlwind of chaos. He was alone in the universe now, all he’d called home, and family ripped from him in one fateful afternoon. He had nothing but the clothes on his back to rely on, and no idea where he would go, or what he would do. Over the ensuing decades he learned the skills needed to function, including many skills learned in some rather intense therapy sessions with counselors on many worlds, as he grew into adulthood, and embarked on the journey that would become his life.

He has since spent well over a century working in various areas of the galaxy as an engineer, from a few years here and there on various civilian ships, to working on colonies, helping to establish them and ensure that their equipment was well maintained, and finally, following the Dominion War, becoming a civilian contractor for Starfleet, as they found themselves having to rely on older technology in some ways to keep things operational. As he’d lived through the years much of the technology was in use he has first hand experience many younger people do not. With this career path being the one he’s on for the time being he has found himself contracted to assist Starfleet with getting the aged starbase they’ve dubbed Eos Station back to full operation status.