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Profile Overview


Grazerite Male

Character Information


Gender Male
Species Grazerite
Age 58
Height 1.98 meters
Weight 140 kg
Hair Color Piebald
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Amster-Urzon is above average height for his species. He is also overweight, though he carries it well enough that he looks trimmer than he is. His piebald fur lays flat against his wide, and though he tries to stay very neat in dress, a tuft of fur can occasionally be seen sticking out from under the cowl that covers his horns.
Spouse Renal-Fraya (deceased)

2355 – 2357: Counselor, Political Affairs Officer, Grazerite Ministry of the Exterior
2357 – 2359: Counselor, Military Affairs Officer, Grazerite Ministry of the Exterior
2359 – 2361: Minister-Counselor. Senior Political Affairs Officer, Grazerite Ministry of the Exterior
2361 – 2365: Minister-Counselor, Director of Political Affairs, United Earth Ministry of the Exterior
2365 – 2367: Career Minister, Assistant Chief of Mission, Grazerite Embassy, United Federation of Planets
2367 – 2370: Career Minister, Chief Political Affairs Officer, Grazerite Mission to the United Federation of Planets
2370 – 2372: Career Ambassador, Grazerite Ambassador to Earth
2372 – 2374: Ambassador-in-Residence/Professor of Political Science, Harvard University
2374 – 2380: Minister of Defense, Grazerite Planetary Government
2380 – 2383: Minister of Exterior, Grazerite Planetary Government
2383 – 2386: Professor of Interstellar Relations, Starfleet Academy
2386 – 2387: Senior Strategic Advisor, Federation Security Council
2387 – 2388: Ambassador, Grazerite Representative to the Federation Council
2388 – Present: Federation Security Advisor, Bezar Administration