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Profile Overview

James Lethur

Human Male

Character Information




James Lethur joined the Tornado shortly after completing his duty aboard the Jamestown, a Starbase. While primarily trained as a Science officer specializing in computer system’s; Lethur however showed an aptitude for infiltration, computer security, and hostile environment survival; as a result of this Lethur was recruited into Section 31, receiving additional strategy, combat, and subterfuge training. In spite of all of this Lethur is still young and relatively untested in combat.


James Lethur was born to human parents on Jupiter Station. His Mom was a Nurses Aide in the stations Geriatric Care Facility, his dad a trader was gone for months at a time. James grew up in one of the rougher areas, but was able to stay relatively out of trouble(The odd prank or two not withstanding). At the age of 12 James’ parents enrolled him in a pre cadet  program to give him discipline, and structure. James took to the program like a fish to water.

At 16 James was accepted into the academy, doing well in all subjects except for engineering were he scored average to below average marks in engine operation. In spite of this James would continue to study and reach a passing level of ability. While enrolled, James’s unique talents earned him a visit from a Section 31 recruiter. James jumped at the opportunity, his ambition, and  love of learning new skills left him no choice. His ability to detach himself from the mission was an attribute Section 31 found most valuable.

After Graduation the newly minted LT Junior Grade Lethur was transferred to the Jamestown where he served as one of the Investigations Officer, and secretly as the eyes, ears, and sometimes phaser of 31. Excelling in all of his roles, though stumbling every now and then, he earned a promotion to LT. In spite of his success,  James still yearned for a fleet assignment. The opening on board the Tornado seemed serendipitous, and gathering all his resources both Starfleet, and 31, he requested a transfer to the Tornado

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2385 - 2388 Investigations Officer Section 31/Security on-board the Jamestown