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Profile Overview

Rita Sevilla-Hernandez

Human Female

Character Information


Head of Security
USS Sitacus (Archive)


Rita Sevilla-Hernandez is a statuesque Mexican woman, who happens to currently serve in Starfleet as an Executive Security Specialist. She has a past as a Special Ops Demolitions Specialist/Breacher on a Starfleet Security Direct Action team.

A fitness buff, the woman is about as physically fit a human woman can be without artificial enhancements.


Rita is tall for a human woman at 6’1″ (185 cm). Like her old Security Commander, great friend and new starship Commander, Commander Bayushi, Senior Chief Petty Officer Sevilla-Hernandez is physically fit to an almost extreme degree. She has lean muscle under her smooth tan skin, eyes dark brown with black hair featuring brown-blond highlights from many days under the Terran sun.

She is naturally slender, her build enhanced by her lean muscle.Rita fit


She can be curt and to the point, until she finds herself around children. Having cared for Ensign Bayushi Reiko as a child and preteen, Rita finds herself softened and even joyful around the young Starfleet doctor.

With friends, she’s very honest yet tries her best to restrain herself from being too honest. No sense in hurting feelings, especially when she’s an enlisted woman and most of her friends are officers.

She tends to remain quiet unless addressed directly and when she does speak, she speaks in hushed tones.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
Executive Security Specialist USS London
Demolitions Specialist/Breacher Security Special Ops Team 2