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Michelle Garrett

Human Female

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Commander Garrett




Michelle was born on Setlik III her father was a tactical officer for Starfleet serving on board the USS Tripoli. In 2347 when she was three years old and, while her father was at home on leave the Cardassian Union surprised the colony in an attack. During the engagement and before the Rutledge could get to the planet both of her parents were killed and she was wounded in the crossfire. The doctors assumed the worst as she was in critical condition by the time the Rutledge arrived and beamed her to sickbay.

She did survive and was adopted by the doctor who helped nurse her back to health Doctor Kendra Garrett. Michelle would find out about the massacre years later when she was ten years old when her adoptive mother told her what had happened to her parents. From that day forward she had decided to join Starfleet in order to protect others who were defenseless. In 2362 she joined Starfleet focusing on starship subsystems. In 2366 she finished the Academy as an Ensign and engineering officer on board the USS Granger.

Within a year she had submitted a request for transfer to the security and tactical department on the Granger. Her request was approved and in 2367 she became a tactical officer on board the ship. During a routine survey mission the Cardassians attacked the Granger along their border under the impression that they were there to spy across the border. Michelle led a boarding party on board the leading Cardassian warship where she successfully helped disable the ship and capture the Gul that was in command of their mission. Two years when the treaty was made official she was one of the officers who was against it.

She was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and later Starfleet decided to use her distaste to their advantage. Michelle was assigned to infiltrate the Maquis under the impression that she hated the Cardassians. Her work undercover lasted for six months before she led them into a trap that resulted in the entire group of terrorists to be captured. She would later comment that it was easy to be in the Maquis because she did hate the Cardassian treaty, but she also was a Starfleet officer and had to do her duty.

After her operation had ended she was assigned as the Assistant Chief Tactical and Security Officer in 2372 on board the USS Granger. Her return was welcomed with open arms by her friends on board, but the time undercover took a while to get past. A lot of the old memories that were there and wide open after her time with the Maquis. When the Dominion War began in 2373 she was able to focus her attention elsewhere. The Granger saw little combat being primarily for scouting purposes to monitor Dominion activity across the border.

In 2375 at the end of the war the ship was assigned to transport some of the Dominion War criminals to stand trial on Earth. The ship was briefly taken over when some of the prisoners escaped and the Chief Tactical and Security Officer on board was killed. She was granted the position as Chief Tactical and Security Officer following the death. In 2378 she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and transferred to serve as the Chief Security Officer at Starfleet Headquarters as part of Admiral Ta’Nae’s security detail.

She remained the head of the admiral’s security detail until 2384 traveling where the admiral and her detail went to throughout the Federation. She was assigned as the Chief Tactical and Security Officer on board the USS Sacramento and promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander later that year. In 2389 Michelle was selected to be the Executive Officer of the USS Onnar and was promoted to the rank of Commander.