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Profile Overview

Fyvel Kenohya

Denobulan Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Kenohya




Fyvel was born in the city of Maranea, and a year later her sister Sera followed. Growing up with a huge family, she had the competition of her other siblings, 36 in all, for the attention of her parents, but being the second youngest had its perks. As a child, she was able to do things and get away with blaming her older siblings, but eventually her parents caught on. She saw her birth mother very infrequently, as she was always called away to work, so grew up under her father’s supervision and with his second and third wives.

As she approached her twenties, she began studying various cultures, which led her to some of the popular medical holonovels found on Earth (the television show-turned-holonovel called Grey’s Anatomy was a favorite of hers from Earth). These entranced her, and throughout her education she started leaning more towards science, specifically medicine. This pushed her to go into medical school on Denobula when she was 24, and later got a job at a hospital in the neighboring major city, Colophya, shortly after she turned 28. She did a five-year residency at that hospital. It was during her residency where she met her first husband, Reeza, who was working as a server in a nearby restaurant. It was the terrible jokes he would make that later captured her heart. They dated for two years before deciding to get married, and she had her first child in 2361. She later went back to her hometown to work as an intern at the local hospital there.

She spent the next 3 years working before she and her husband decided to take two years off and go explore the galaxy. It was during her travels that she met her second husband (Is it really any surprise that they met on Risa?) and by the time she and her family came back she had already accepted Tolar’s proposal. The next five or so years were rather uneventful; Fyvel had her second and third children, three years apart, and in 2371 attended the Interspecies Medical Exchange for the first time.

As the year 2373 approached, the threat of war loomed overhead like an ominous cloud. Most Denobulans prefered to stay out of the war, but some of those who were loyal to the Federation fought, and Fy’s mother was one of those. As a part of Starfleet Intelligence, Khalif was called in and sent on a recon mission to determine the whereabouts of the Dominion troops and hopefully uncover one of their bases. Unfortunately they were found and destroyed, stealing Fy’s mother from her life. Luckily Fy’s husband made it, with some injuries. He had volunteered to work with the Federation in supplying the troops with rations and other necessities, while Fy stayed on the planet to take care of their children with her second husband while continuing her work, and while waiting for him to come home was no issue it still worried her that he was near such a dangerous situation. They had moved her to the Federation Interstellar Hospital in Timaan during this time. It filled her with relief when he came back home, seeing him in relatively one piece. Fyvel decided that, to honor her mother, that she would apply to Starfleet. As people started coming back from the Dominion War, Fy continued her work as the hospital filled, getting more hands on work, and found a certain satisfaction in healing people and seeing them walk out in one piece.

When she was accepted to Starfleet Academy, she declared that she was going into medicine. Knowing that having her entire immediate family there would be difficult, Fyvel took her youngest son (who was just 5 at the time, and blissfully unaware of the fighting that happened) with her. She planned with her husbands for them to visit Earth, both to see Fyvel and her son and to see Earth culture. It was about halfway during her first year at the Academy that she discovered the delicacy known as mozzarella sticks, and it was that night that she was sent to the ER for an allergic reaction. Disappointed that she couldn’t eat her favorite food, she grudgingly settled with a modified, replicator-made substitute, which just wasn’t the same.

Starfleet Service

Service History Four years later, she graduated with her majors in medicine and biology, and about three months later she was accepted to her first position on the USS Courageous. She had sent Kimar back with her husbands, wanting to make sure the ship life would be alright for her and her kids. This ship dealt with more local missions, namely supply runs and transportation of important people, so not a lot of interesting events happened, but it moved around often enough that Fyvel never got a chance to coordinate with her husbands to send one of their children. During this time, while she was serving as a medical officer with the low, low rank of Ensign, she also did distance learning as well, completing a program in chemistry.

Two years later, she transferred to the Denobulan ship Ephrix, which was a medical ship of sorts. It provided transport of medical supplies across the quadrant, but also provided a large number of physicians in case someone needed it. It was here where she met a seemingly charming man named Phloben, and they started dating, but his charm was only on the outside. For the span of a year, he tried to convince her that her husbands didn’t love her anymore and that they were going to break off the marriage and take the children, all while trying to persuade her to marry him instead. He would try to control her, escalating even to violence, and after eleven months she requested a transfer just to get away from him. It was that experience that reaffirmed that she did not like being touched, except by her husbands and her children (since Denobulans are not exactly touchy-feely individuals anyways).

She was accepted on board the Memoria, where she got to do a lot of hands on work in the first half of the year. Near the end of 2384, her eldest graduated from his schooling and was going to continue into philosophy. Fyvel arranged with her husbands to set up a video call so she could observe the ceremony; it was nothing like a Terran graduation, rather it was a sort of “rite of passage” for him. The ritual involved isolating oneself with a guide, who helped the individual decide their career. The ceremony was when the young Denobulan would come back and declare his future study. She spent another year on the Memoria before she transferred again. After a year, the assistant chief of the ship ended up transferring, and Fyvel was offered the position, to which she accepted. The Captain also gave her a promotion to match the new job.

The USS Destiny provided the largest test on her medical knowledge. They encountered a planet that was suffering from an outbreak, and Fy worked for hours with the help of her staff to try and find a treatment. She even asked the Ephrix for assistance, after making sure that her abusive ex was not on board. After about three weeks, the team she had was able to find a treatment that slowed the disease, hopefully expanding the population’s lifespan a couple decades. The success granted her her second promotion, and she stayed with the Destiny for two more years. Around the end of her first year, however, the current Chief Medical Officer, who was an old fart to begin with, decided to retire, leaving Fy with the reigns. She gladly stepped up to fill the CMO position, and didn’t regret it for an instant. What made her decide to look for another ship was a mix of wanting something different and longing for a little bit of adventure.