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Kiyoko Ino

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Ino


Kiyoko was initially a pretty shy girl but a great tactician and really good as a pilot but as she got older she is less shy and more has become shoot first ask questions later. She was assigned to the Rigal AMC Operations Battalion in Task Unit 17 as a punishment for her giving her opinion when it was not wanted about the status of the government; as a result of this she has grown to be erratic in personality as she knows she is being punished for her “insolence” to quote her superiors.


Kiyoko and her brother were inseparable in their world together. She was with her parents and brother until finishing high school and joined the academy with her brother. Kiyoko was always known for getting in to trouble in the Academy due to voicing her opinion when it was not wanted. She would be assigned with her brother all over the place and she never really understood why he stayed with her; at one point on a mission the two of them got romantic and became a couple when they were assigned to the rim. Upon her father figuring out he had her forcibly reassigned to a ship and he placed her on the Lavie upon the disappearance of Seth during the FSF battle.

Education: She graduated from Memorial Center Training Facilities at the age of 21 at the top of her class and was offered a position with AMC after only six months in the field. She completed her AMC training at the age of 23 and has been a pilot ever since. Her majors at the academy were Tactical Information Systems Management and Field Operations Logistics and Support. During her school years she also finished basic education early and got certified as an emergency medical technician. At least if she ever failed here she could be a paramedic.

Languages: Standard, Japanese, Tritionese (A derivative of Chinese only spoken on the Triton colonies).

Service Medals:
Field Service Medal – Lowell Campaign
Purple Heart – Battle of Norit IV (4562)
Recommendation and Commendation during service on the UDS Arvonus (4564)
AMC Qualification (4559)

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
4554 - 4558 Cadet Memorial Center Training Facilities
4559 Pilot Trainee AMC Training Command
4559 - 4562 Pilot (Security Detail) Earth Operations Command
4562 - 4563 Relief Pilot (Recovery) Lowell Campaign
4563 - 4565 Zeta Leader DFS Arvonus
4565 - 4566 Field Logistics Support Pilot Rigal Combat Operations Battalion
4566 - Present Pilot (Seeker) DFS Lavie