Profile Overview


1/2 Human, 1/4 Trill, 1/8 Betazoid, 1/8 Caitian Male

Character Information


Never judge a book by its cover would best describe M’iri

Character Information

Age: 16 years old. Gender: Male
Species: 1/2 Human, 1/4 Trill, 1/8 Betazoid, 1/8 Caitian
Physical Appearance
Height: 155cm. Weight: 57kg. Hair Color: Blue. Eye Color: Blue

Physical Description

M’iri process a fragile physical appearance and a very small build. He has natural blue hair and eyes. His hair is styles to his left. His feline like ears and tail have blue tipped whited. He has Trill like spots that runs down his fair skin.

Father Hwan Seong-Jin (Second officer of the USS Nalowale – Deceased)
Mother Mivra Hwan (Medical officer of the USS Nalowale – Deceased)
Other Family
Grandmother Hwan Eun-Young (Deceased)
Grandparents Tiayi Radom and K’Rierr
Great grandmother Mrish


M’iri is enigmatic, aloof, stoic and a little naughty, much like an alley cat. He can also be sweet and kind, He likes teasing people. M’iri is selfless and protective, thus, he is willing to distance himself from those he cares in order to protect them and stop them from getting embroiled in his own troubles. Although M’iri may seem to have a passive personality, he is quite perceptive and honest.

Personal Life

Academic Emphasis: Science, Tactical and Flight

Home City: Aegis Station

Favorite Food: Taiyaki, Pizza and Sisko’s Creole Kitchen’s Gumbo

Likes: Cooking, Playing Sports, velocity.

Dislikes: Eggplants


Publicly (known to other characters)

M’iri was born September 1st, 2371, on-board the USS Nalowale.

The weeks that followed his birth the USS Nalowale, came under attacked by a Borg sphere. The crew fought valiantly against them. During the last moments of USS Nalowale, the commanding officer order all the surviving crew and civilians to evacuate the ship. His parents lost their lives that day.

M’iri’s grandmother escaped with him in her arms with only to watch as both ship was destroyed. The escaped pods made it to a federation outpost. M’iri’s grandmother was a former member of Starfleet when she was younger, she was a proud and kind woman who inspired her grandson to followed in his family footsteps.

They travel throughout the galaxy visiting worlds she once visited, they journey to archeology sites on different worlds to learn about the universe history. When he was 9 years old she passes away while they were visiting DS9 to view the wormhole.

He was taken to his mother’s family on a frontier federation colony They were a kind and always supported anything M’iri did or took interested in. When he enrolled into star fleet his grandparent was proud to watch him enter.

(Only for CO & XO and TFOC to known)

His Grandmother was once a member of section 31 who retired to spend time with her son. She returned to section 31 and personal trained M’iri though she died before finishing his training.

He has Telepathic and Psychokinetic abilities due to his heritage and trained to use both by a Vulcan tutor.

M’iri has semi-idea of his father’s side of family connection to Section 31, but all he truly known for sure they been part of it since the 22nd century.

His Father was a member of section 31 and Starfleet Intelligence

M’iri is trained to fly the Gryphon-Class Fighter.

M’iri also been trained to operated TR-116 rifle

He also been taught Martial arts