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Bentre Stahoes

Human Male

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Stahoes


Science Officer
USS Galahad (Archive)


Bentre Drayson Stahoes


New Berlin, Luna


Bentre Stahoes is an Ensign currently stationed on the USS Galahad. Having grown up on Luna, Bentre long dreamed of serving with Starfleet, seeing the galaxy with his own eyes, and providing aid to sentient beings across the Alpha Quadrant. Since joining Starfleet, he has sought to grab hold of every challenge presented to him. Throwing himself into the sciences as he studied at Starfleet, Stahoes found himself with a greater love for astrophysics and specifically with planetary geology and related sciences. To this end, he hopes to find himself on a ship that will allow him the time to explore and catalog the corners of the Alpha Quadrant and beyond. The research and the sense of discovery that comes with it are the primary driving factors in his current career path.


Bentre stands at 178 centimeters in height and weighs in at roughly 70 kilograms. While keeping his dark hair well-groomed, he does keep it on the longer side of regulations. The dark brown hue of his hair is contrasted mildly by the dark-amber of his eyes. Stahoes also has some scarring about his eyes from a childhood mishap involving an animal in captivity and a childhood prank. Whenever on duty, the officer stands at constant attention, unless ordered otherwise. This gives him a visibly stiff manner of movement.



Despite his time in Starfleet, Ensign Stahoes has never completely shaken his haughty attitude. Time has served to temper the edge of his impatience, replacing a sharp tongue with a quieter one. It has not dulled his confidence in his own abilities and views, nor has it put him past the point of impulsiveness getting in the way of his duties. While he will seek out the opinions of others, when the Ensign has made a decision he is quick to act. Additionally, Stahoes is a man of passion in many ways, a passion that drives his impulses, and serves to make him more than a bit of a workaholic. This behavior may not interfere with his duties, but it can lead to him butting heads with other Starfleet personnel.



Born on Luna, Bentre Stahoes was raised with a keen interest in learning. His parents raised him with an appreciation for music and the fine arts. Given his varied interests at a young age, the only thing that the young Stahoes was sure of was that he wanted to serve the Federation.

To anyone who knew the Stahoes family, it was no surprise when he decided to enroll in Starfleet Academy. His mother’s own service record with Starfleet had already planted the seed in his youth, as had the stories of great captains and explorers of years past.

His own service record aboard the USS Zephyr was unremarkable, though he left his direct commanding officers pleased with his work. His transfer to Starbase Bravo was well-received, where he has continued to serve until his service on the Thyanis and later the Galahad.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2387 - 2388 Geosciences Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2388 - 2389 Geosciences Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2389 - 2390 Geosciences Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
2390 - 2391 Geosciences Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2391 - 2393 Science Officer USS Zephyr
2393 - 2395 Planetary Geosciences Division Starbase Bravo
2395 - 2400 Planetary Geosciences Division Starbase Bravo
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2400 - 2401 Science Officer USS Thyanis
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2402 - Present Science Officer USS Galahad
Lieutenant Junior Grade