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Profile Overview

Reyla Setsune

Orion Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Setsune


USS Xenius (Archive)


Reyla Setsune


Bajor, Bajoran Space


Reyla stands at 5′ 7″. She has flawless green skin, blue eyes and cascading black hair. She has a thin, athletic frame achieved through years of playing raquetball and through combat simulations conducted on the holodeck. Having been adopted at a young age by a young Bajoran couple, Reyla took a liking to the Federation as many of their personnel visited the planet over the years. Having heard stories of the war with the Cardassians, and the origin of the Emissary, Reyla decided to commit to serving Starfleet at a young age. Outside of her professional enviroment, she enjoys botany. While on duty, she is no-nonsense and will typically, faithfully follow orders.


Reyla is of roughly average build, with some notable muscle definition. Standing at roughly 1.7 meters, her black hair is kept at roughly shoulder length, well within Starfleet regulation. Her blue eyes contrast with her green skin. She also bears a scar about her right shoulder from a childhood accident.


  • Reyla Setsune is very cheerful and bubbly. She focuses on the positive and to encourage her fellow officers. When she steps into her role as an exobiologist, it is like a switch flips. She will become serious and hyper-focused upon the task at hand.