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Jason Ortega

Human Male

Character Information




Jason is of Hispanic descent, with light copper skin, wavy black hair, and medium brown eyes that don’t let him conceal much of anything, with his emotions shining through in every glance. He is a compact man, with a smaller, athletic frame, standing only a little over five foot seven inches tall, and weighing in at around one hundred and forty pounds. Outwardly he’s an outgoing man, with a ready smile, and a great sense of humor. He loves to meet, and get to know new people, and is very much a team player. This belies a deep need for solitude from time to time, where he seeks out areas to be alone with his thoughts, and recharge. He is slow to trust, and acquaintances morph into true friendship only slowly. His temper can be fierce when it is truly riled but does tend to be slow to anger. He does have a bit of a jealous streak when it comes to romantic relationships, but thankfully he tends to be too busy to form real attachments like that, so it’s not been an issue for him. From childhood he has been interested in two things, building things, and flying things. His father was an engineer in Starfleet, and his mother was a flight control officer. Jason was born aboard the USS Oriole, and when he was a year and a half old, he and his family were reassigned to Starbase 8, seeing as the Oriole was not really designed to be a long-term solution for a family, with small quarters, and no facilities to keep a child entertained and out of trouble. He would spend the next seventeen years aboard Starbase 8, growing into a young man, and learning more about Starfleet, and engineering than most kids ever would. A year and a half later he graduated from his formal education and was allowed to sit the entrance exam for Starfleet, which he passed. Now he is anxious to get his career in Starfleet off the ground and off to a good start as he sets off as a bright young cadet at the age of 19.