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Corsa Yeros

Traxian Male

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Lieutenant Yeros


Corsa Yeros



Corsa is currently serving on board the USS Triumphant as her Chief Flight Control Officer. His duty-focused attitude and adherence to an excellent performance record has gotten him on board. However it is a long, lonely flight on board one of the largest starships in Starfleet. Where it takes more than a pride in one’s duty to flourish among the crew.


Born to a military couple on the frozen world of Talana, Corsa’s childhood was steeped in military discipline and regimentation from his primary education to his home life. He was taught to set and adhere to high standards of excellence as well as learning about devotion to ones community and family.

At the age of sixteen he was eligible to begin military service and choose the Royal Traxian Fleet; applying for flight operations after passing the rigorous entrance exam. Given the natural Traxian independence and trail-blazing nature the officer candidate school training was brutal both physically and mentally to bring any wayward Midshipmen (Cadets) into line.

There he learned about conventional naval tactics, foot drill, personal combat and leadership as well as his chosen vocation. Every day Corsa practised and prepared himself for daily flight training and drills. While naval training typically takes two years to complete an old rival stirred.

The Breen and the Traxi have been to war and had numerous border skirmishes for centuries. However in 2375 when the Breen joined the Dominion they became emboldened and launched an invasion into the smaller galactic power. The speed of the enemy thrust and early victories had rallied the Traxi to a stalwart defence and all cadets were sent to the front to bolster dwindling numbers; Corsa among them.

He was assigned to the RTS Draca as a flight officer, piloting the destroyer in fleet actions against the Breen to hold back the enemy from the core worlds. The Traxian high command issued the order possibly responsible for them pushing the Breen back to their borders; no quarter to disabled ships or surrendered troops is to be given. If the Breen were not going to leave their territory of their own volition then they would not leave at all.

Facing superior enemy forces the Draca and other ships of the Royal Traxian Fleet fought an embittered battle of push and retreat for three years; even after the Dominion War’s end. During operations designed to take back invaded colonies the Draca was being chased during one of the battles by two Breen cruisers. At the orders of his captain, Corsa managed to slip the smaller, more agile frigate between the cruisers and out of their arcs of fire allowing the Traxian ship to disable then subsequently destroy the defenceless enemy vessels. His skill and keeping the Breen off guard had earned Corsa a battlefield commission to Ensign. It was at the tail end of 2378 that the Breen would give up their plans to expand their territory.

In 2383 the Traxian Kingdom was admitted into the Federation and thus access to the Starfleet recruitment program was opened up to Traxians. Keen to leave to explore the galaxy at large Corsa resigned his commission with honours and applied for the Starfleet Academy in 2384 where his prior experience in flight operations and combat experience from the Traxian-Breen conflict allowed him to excel in his classes. After the four years of being a cadet he was granted a commission and posted towards the USS Berlin to begin his new career before finally he climbed the ranks and ended up at the illustrious USS Triumphant.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2358 - Present Born Civilian
2374 Royal Traxian Naval Cadet Royal Naval Academy Roca
2375 - 2378 Helm Officer - Midshipman Royal Traxian Ship Draca
Second Lieutenant
2378 - 2380 Helm Officer - Ensign Royal Traxian Ship Draca
First Lieutenant
2380 - 2384 Helm Officer - Lance Lieutenant Royal Traxian Ship Killota
2384 - 2388 Starfleet Cadet Starfleet Academy
2388 - 2390 Helm Officer USS Berlin
2390 Helm Officer USS Berlin