Profile Overview

Andromeda Lightfeather

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Andi




Character Bio:-

Name: Andromeda ‘Andi’ Lightfeather
Age: 31
Race: Human
Position: Security Officer


Height: 6ft
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 140lbs

Overview: Slim & Curvy, with Amazonian Build


Andromeda Lightfeather is 1/2 Cherokee Indian and half Amazonian, she grew up on an Indian reservation in Oklahoma and was schooled in both Native American and Western traditions. Born on January 1st, 2353 to a Cherokee Father who was the tribes Chieftain and an Amazonian Mother. Growing up in a peaceful society was beneficial to Andromeda who learnt not only her own heritage but absorbed the styles of other cultures. At 10 years old she was being groomed for her eventual marriage to another future Chieftain of a neighbouring Cherokee Tribe. But as she hit the age of ascension her beauty became a prize to be, but retaliating against her Tribe at becoming an object of desire at 18 years she joined Starfleet Academy. Upon hearing this her father and Tribe disowned her and all she had was Starfleet, luckily for her she was bright enough to get into the Academy, thus a new Chapter in her life came into being as she called upon her training to get through the times ahead, she was too independent but had managed to make some new friends; upon graduation her story truly begun.


Likes: Varied
Dislikes: Snobs
Pastimes: Reading, holograms, twin bladed combat practice.

Language Skills:

Federation Standard

Combat Skills:

Basic  Unarmed Combat
TR-116 Rifle Marksman (trained but does not have one)
Advanced Recon
SFMC Phaser Rifle Marksman
Karate (Black Belt)
Twin bladed Combat (Wakizashi)
Cherokee Tomahawk axe skill (Axe is used as a display item)

Other Skills:

Accomplished Valkyrie and Peregrine Class Fighter Pilot and Shuttle Pilot.


Father: James Lightfeather
Mother: Allesandria Shiomi



Other Family: Cherokee Reservation Oklahoma North America.

Personal Educational History:

2361 Age 05 started schooling within her Tribe
2366 Age 10 sent off to all girls school to learn about other places
2371 Age 15 Attended Junior School in the Americas
2372 Age 16 Rebelled and disowned when announced she was going to join Starfleet
2373 Age 17 Learned how to rely on herself for things
2374 Age 18 Joined Starfleet Academy
2375 Age 19 Completed 1st Year at Academy
2376 Age 20 Completed 2nd Year at the Academy
2378 Age 21 Completed 3rd Year at the Academy
2379 Age 22 Completed 4th Year at Academy
2380 Age 23 Graduated Starfleet Academy
2385 Age 28 Assigned to Starfleet Security Earth
2388 Age 31 Applied for Frontier assignment
2388 Age 31 Assigned to USS Equinox as Security Officer

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
237401.01 - 237512.15 Cadet 1st Year Picks specilisation subjects
237601.01 - 237512.15 Cadet 2nd year Begins Security/Tactical specilisation
237609.01 - 237708.28 Cadet 3rd year Specilises in Security/Tactical and begins Advanced Recon Studies
237809.01 - 237908.30 Cadet 4th year Specilises in Advanced Recon skills
237909.01 - 238807.01 Security Officer - Administration Starfleet Security Earth
2388 - 2389 Security Officer USS Equinox