Profile Overview

Katsumi Okada

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Katsumi


Katsumi Okada


Nagasaki, Japan



Delta Quadrant, USS Mackenzie


Katsumi Okada is a bubbly, excitable, eccentric, and knowledgeable engineer.  She spent most of her Starfleet career on station and has been serving as Chief Engineer on starships since 2400. She is 35 in 2400.


Katsumi stands 5’6 and is lithe in figure.


Her personality runs the gamut of bubbly, excitable, eccentric – and back again.  She talks to herself and to whatever she’s working on at the time.  A hard worker, she gives herself over to her assignments.


Early Life (2365-2383)

Born to Suki and Katsumi Han in 2365, she was an energetic and bubbly child who would laugh at anything.  As soon as she could walk, she became the terror of the Katsumi household.  She was known to climb anything she could get her hands on.  As she grew, she became interested in mechanical engineering and engineering.  Her aptitude was surprising and caused her parents to enroll her in a specialized engineering school in Nagasaki, where she quickly made a name for herself by forming school clubs and creating class projects that showed her mind to be talented in how things worked.  Her parents and school counselors encouraged her to explore Starfleet Academy, and she applied upon graduation at 18 and was accepted.

Starfleet Academy (2383-2387)

Okada arrived in San Fransisco and immediately took her engineering classes at the academy.  She often stayed late in workshops practicing troubleshooting and identifying faults, issues, and repairs.  She formed a study group with three other girls, and they formed lifelong friendships that remain to this day.

She was elected the class president four years in a row. She was recognized for her ability to bridge nearly every gap – her willingness to make friends with everyone was well known, and she was presented with a class award upon graduation for her actions during her four years.  She applied only to Starbase Bravo and was immediately accepted.

Starbase Bravo (2387-2400)

For 13 years, she worked as an engineering officer onboard Starbase Bravo.  She was promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant Junior Grade in 2391 after exhibiting fanatical and joyful attention to the engineering department on the starbase.  She was assigned a team of her own in 2391, and they quickly established themselves among the most knowledgeable and strongest in team dynamics. In 2395, she was promoted to Lieutenant and given responsibility for several teams of engineering officers.  She continued her teamwork initiatives and advised other team leaders on effective organization.  She refused a promotion to Lieutenant Commander in 2397 and 2399 partly because she was content to remain where she was.  She also feared a promotion in rank would have her leave the station, which she continued to avoid discussing.

USS Edinburgh (5.2400-10.15.2400)

Her Master Chief supervisor put her name forward for the Chief Engineer / Chief of Ops position on the USS Edinburgh. Through her discussions with the CO, Ambrose Harris, she accepted the position on May 14, 2400, and stepped into the risk and change.  She was promoted to First Officer and Lieutenant Commander on June 21, 2400.

USS Mackenzie (10.16.2400-6.2401)

She transferred with her CO and command crew.  She was promoted to commander on 10.16.2400.  She needed to focus on engineering and resigned from her XO position on 12.26.22.  She dies on a mission in the Delta Quadrant to try and stop a Borg Sphere from assimilating several planets.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2400 - 2401 Chief Engineering Officer USS Mackenzie
2400 Chief Engineering Officer USS Mackenzie
2400 First Officer Chief Engineering / Chief Operations Officer USS Edinburgh
Lieutenant Commander
2400 Chief Engineering / Chief Operations Officer USS Edinburgh
2395 - 2400 Engineering Department Lead Starbase Bravo
2391 - 2395 Engineering Team Lead Starbase Bravo
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2387 - 2391 Engineer Starbase Bravo