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Profile Overview


Romulan Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Civilian Runaite


Starbase Bravo



June 19, 2391


Runaite (Rune’ah’eat’ay) is a Romulan child of 9 nine years. Her parents fled Rator III when the Romulan Star Empire arrived to claim the planet as the new capital. During skirmishes and other contacts in space, on space stations, random planets, etc. Runaite eventually became separated from her parents and found transport on refugee ships, eventually landing her on Starbase Bravo.


Runaite likes to act tough and put herself at odds with others. She has issues with authority and likes doing her own thing which is whatever enters her mind until she is bored with it. She likes to remind people that she is Romulan which she hopes will drive a terrifying fear into the hearts of anyone who hears and then gets disappointed when that does not happen.