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Trexx Trodden

Human Male

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An cousin of the GORNS and Raptors of the prehistoric Earth . Incredible strength, speed , sight , hearing , smell and taste . Can withstand incredible heat and cold . Meat eaters and some vegetables. Trexx is 1000 years old . He came from an planet named Quasar in the galaxy Zaxxar ! It’s giant Star went super nova and destroyed the small five planet solar system . Quasar was the only populated planet of 1,000,000,000 Tregulans ! Before their planet went supernova , they all dispersed through the galaxy to preserve their race . Their galaxy was located on the far side of the mapped universe ! They have warp capelled starships . Their ships are heavelly armored and bristles heavy weapons of destruction! Their ships are powered with different kinds of fuel . Their top speed is warp 20 ! They are an predator species! They can change their appearance to fool prey ! They can even appear as Humans! And as they appear as their false species they can imitate body heat , heartbeat and more . They can breathe underwater and they can change there size if threatened to staggering heaights . Their species can adapt quickly to different environments!