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Profile Overview

Egil Renot

Al-Leyan Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Renot


Chief Engineer
USS Cavalier (Archive)


Egil is a rather anxious and withdrawn engineer. He mostly keeps to himself, trying to figure out who he truly is after getting exiled from his planet. He can be coaxed out of his shell, his passion for stars and dancing.


Egil is rather tall and broad with a muscular build. He almost constantly looks disheveled from crawling around in Jefferies tubes or having his head constantly in control panels. Egil is often squinting in brighter enviroments, too stubborn and vain to wear protective lenses. He keeps his messy, brown-blonde hair swept back and his beard trimmed short. When in dark enviroments, his eyes seem to glow slightly, reflecting light like a cats.


Egil is rather quiet and anxious when you first meet him. In fact, he would rather you not refer to him at all. When you ease him out of his shell, he becomes rather flamboyant and a bit sassy. Despite being shy and anxious, he has a flair for fashion when out of duty and has taken a passionate hobby in Flamenco dance, not afraid to dress in drag when dancing. When working, he takes his work incredibly seriously.


Egil was raised like any other Al-Leyan, taken in by the Haemachuo. As a result he has no particular interest or bond with his blood family, nor did he choose to be particularly close to his Haemachuo unit. He struggled to feel like he fit in, constantly in and out of attitude adjustment therapy. He worked in an Engineering Branch, specifically working on Civil Engineering and working to build transport rail lines. He always had a fascination with space and always had an urge to explore, which was highly frowned upon. He became rather close with another male engineer. His relationship was found out and he was to be brought into attitude adjustment therapy once more. He started to question and display discontent for things on his home planet and willingly exiled himself off of Leya-1. A few of his closer friends followed suit, all keeping in contact with each other to help mitigate what would otherwise be the death sentence of their seasons. Egil took the Engineering path in Starfleet Academy. He started off as uptight and more serious, but he started to relax into Starfleet and his new role and be more himself