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Romulan/Vulcan Cisgender Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Thevius


USS Cavalier (Archive)






Thevius is a rather stern and no-nonsense officer. He appears outwardly Vulcan, though some of his behavious may bring questions about his actual heritage.  He is quite closed off about his past and does not call anyone really a friend. He maintains a professional distance to quite literally everyone and his job always comes first.


Thevius is average height and build for a male Vulcan, though he is a bit more on the leaner side. He outwardly is indistinguishable from other Vulcans, though his physiology is a give away of his Romulan side. He bears no brow ridges, though wears his hair down over his forehead, as if wary that brow ridges may suddenly appear. He has black hair that he keeps neatly styled. He has a rigid and attentive posture about him.


Thevius is direct, straight to the point and quite logical in all his dealings. He is generally a calm and collected officer in most things, though every so often he can be subject to seemingly unprovoked fits of emotion and rage. He is a firm believer in “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”. He is a risk taker. Unlike most Vulcans, he doesn’t always think through things before doing them, making him unusually impulsive.


Thevius was born the one and only child of a Romulan diplomat. He was raised solely by his mother, having no idea who his father was. His mother claimed he got killed in an assault by Klingons. Hew grew up like any other Romulan child.

Much to his mother’s dismay, he had no interest in the Romulan Star Navy or the Tal Shiar. In fact, he had little to no interest in any of the Empire’s dealings. He picked up and left to enroll in Starfleet Academy, straining his relationship with his mother.

His father was a Vulcan instructor at the Academy and recognized Thevius’s name. Distraught, Thevius called his mother and interrogated her about his father. A long, angry and borderline violent argument happened between mother and son, further damaging their already strained relationship. Thevius still refuses to talk to her decades later and genuinely has no idea if she is alive or not.

His father had witnessed the entire exchange and offered to teach Thevius to master his mind and emotions and utilise logic like his Vulcan side. Despite him not being there for a large chunk of his life, Thevius is closer to his father who is now retired from Starfleet for his honesty to him.

Thevius keeps his Romulan side quiet unless it will aid him in any way, though medical officers would know. Anyone who witnesses one of his mood swings would be suspect.