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Ferangi Male

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Most of his education started working in a salvage yard, flipping ships for latinum. After mistakenly selling some stolen goods from the Romulans to the Grand Nagus, and suffering the wrath of the Tal Shiar, Turot saw his inventory liquidated and future prospects impossible, and minimal business prospects, forcing him to go to the only place he would be able to find work and security, Starfleet.


Early Life- 2375-2389

Growing up, Turot was raised by a family who owned a moderately successful shipping business in the Ferangi alliance. Turot had a typical education on Feranginar, and in his early teen years included an increased amount hands on experience on his fathers ship. In 2388, while making a a standard cargo run, his fathers ship suffered sever damage in an ion storm, forcing his ship to undergo extensive repairs. Due to the large cost, Turot began to work at the same salvage yard, handling basic inventory management, while also learning more about ship systems and repairs.

Mid Life- 2389- 2397

Turot continued to work at the salvage yard throughout his teen years, slowly building up advanced knowledge on almost all systems that would be found on starship. While, unoffically, weapons and defence systems were not dealt with, it is widely believed that there was frequent work, and refitting ships with various systems for defence, especially given the political climate throughout the quadrant. In 2391 Turot purchased an old and nonfunctional shuttle, and using various down time refitting into a fully functional, and luxurious ship, and, selling it for enough latinum to begin his own business flipping nonfunctional ships into luxurious private craft.

In 2395, he sold a craft to wealthy Ferangi business owner with connections throught the FCA. Part of his normal practice was the use of various salvaged parts from a wide array of ships. Unknown to him, in this instance he had used multiple systems from an Tal Shiar spy craft. Upon learning of this, the Romulan Free State seized control of the shuttle. The ships owner, using his connections in the FCA had Turot’s business immediate shut down, with further restrictions on his ability to own any other businesses moving forward. Turot also feared further repercussions from the Romulan Free State, leading him into hiding. There are no records of his activities until his application to Starfleet Academy in 2696, and enrolment in 2397.

Starfleet Academy- 2397-2400

Throughout his time in the Academy, Turot was well known for out of the box solutions, which while against most procedures, also had the ability to resolve some very desperate situations. He would frequently be able to make something out of nothing, quickly getting systems back on line, or retrofit incompatible system to become compatible. While he strived working outside the box, the structor and teamwork aspects of adapting to life in Starfleet were difficult for him to adapt with. This was a frequent complaint of most of his instructors, while he would have great ideas, and execution, most of his colleges would be left in the dark, unless absolutly needed.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2389 - 2393 Invintory attendant, apprentice Salvage station, near Ferenginar
2393 - 2396 Engineer Salvage station, near Ferenginar
2397 - 2400 Student Starfleet Academy