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David Mitchell

Human Male

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Lieutenant Mitchell


Theta Squad - Science Officer
USS Helios


David Arthur Benjamin Mitchell

8th February 2370

Oxford, England, Earth


Tight black hair and a beard that strains the regulations are the first notable features of Mr. Mitchell, the curly locks tamed with gallons of gel and  grizzled beard giving him the visage of someone who has spent the night with one too many rakatakinos (and you wouldn’t be far wrong) . Born and raised on a large estate in a rural town amongst the rolling fields of southern England David’s tight British accent is the second most notable feature to a new aquaintance. His overly polite and adsent minded nature belies a complex and sometimes conflicted mind however, after graduatingwith his degrees in astrophysics and quantum theory he turned to the nearest available method to get to the stars. Starfleet. Much to the distaste of his parents, who saw the entire body as little more than a military force with a nice smile, he quickly passed through the years graduating with distinction and shortly there after took a secondment to the Vulcan Science Institute as a research assistant under notable professor T’Danick exploring protostars with the expeditionary group. The first time David saw the sunrise on a different planet he cried, like a baby. The silence of Vulcan was a balm after four years of San Fransisco & the Academy and David, though not antisocial, found the peace and tranquility of the stoic Vulcan homeworld a wonderland for his own imagination. Soon enough though his project was over and he was returned to full duty with Starfleet, dispatched to Starbase Bravo to provide scientific support for the ongoing secondary exploration. Ambivilent to leave his quiet refuge it was with some hesitation David stepped aboard the shuttle.


David is a young human cis-male. Only just missing the 6 foot mark on the measuring tape his reclusive posture and unobtrusive personality give him the impression of a much smaller man. His scruffy black hair curls wildly across his head, barely contained by a variety of hair products (strangely Bolian pomade seems to be the most effective) combined with a beard that verges on the edge of unkempt gives him the unfortunate impression of a hermit living in the mountains. Thinking himself more an eccentric professor than a crazed mountain man, David works hard to keep his presentation otherwise exemplary. His dark eyes are often wandering into the middle distance as he contemplates his current conundrum, deepset in heavy sockets and a heavy brow David often blends into the shadows in the corner of the room; which suits him just fine, chatter can be a distraction.


‘Quiet, unassuming and solitary’ was a regular summary of Ensign Mitchell throughout his annual career reviews; this brilliant scientist is an avid explorer and scholar. Unfortunately, Starfleet is built around the ties that bind a crew together and David has always struggled in making solid, ongoing friendships with his crewmates. His childhood alone in the fields of Southern England, with only his family farm animals for company. created a young man who is completely at home in his own company and has never really seen the need to spend any great amount of energy on maintaining other relationships. He has begun coming out of his shell as part of Theta Squad, both by necessity and as a result of the gentle coaxing of his team leader. The two men has become good friends; Maine’s honest and direct personality appealing to the young man who found the quiet research institutes a balm after the social complicated world of Starfleet Academy.

As part of Theta Squad David is almost a walking, talking library. Though his practical mission skills are lacking somewhat (he still shakes when he holds a phaser) he more than makes up for it with his in-depth understanding of a wide range of disciplines, research and scholarly knowledge. Honest (to the point of being unexpectedly blunt) this young Ensign is finding that perhaps other people aren’t as bad as he once thought.


Growing up in England with his parents, (both of whom held prestigous positions in research & education), led to a childhood that encouraged enquiry, expression and investigation. Unfortunately as David reached school age his parents became blacklisted amongst the education community following their agressively vocal opposition to Starfleet’s (and by extention the Federation’s) growing military nature, particularly as a result of the Dominion War. Their insightful but outspoken opinions resulted in the loss of both of their positions, hostility from their community and eventually their early retirement to the countryside of England’s home counties. Isolated from his peers David sturggled as a child to aclimate to others a trait that has sadly carried through to his adult life.

Obsessed with the stars from childhood he found his surname closed many civilian doors, even a decade after the war was over. So it was with a heavy heart that David told his parents he was going to Starfleet Academy to pursue physics and planetary sciences, desperate to reach the stars he had spent years watching from the fields surrounding his homestead. As tears rolled down his mother’s eye he boarded the transport to San Fransisco.

Though he excelled in his science training David struggled with the more general duties a Cadet is expected to learn, only just aquiring a basic tactical grade. Throughout his training Academy counsellors worried about the quiet young man who spent his hours locked in the library, who never seemed to attend socials or events. It was a Vulcan Astrophysics lecturer, T’Danick, who managed to break through David’s solo nature when he noticed the young man charting the stars one night in the Academy courtyard. Taking him under his proverbial wing David found both his knowledge and social skills expanding. It was with great pride (though he wouldn’t say it out loud) that his Vulcan mentor watched as David took the stage to graduate, a prestigous secondment to the Vulcan Science Directorate already in hand.

David spent the next five years working on Vulcan and later the exploratory vessel, the Shu’min, amongst fellow scientists who shared his interest in exploration and an enviroment unburdened by difficault, emotional social interactions. It was with great sadness that his secondment ended and he was called back to Starfleet service proper. Assigned to Starbase Bravo as part of their Deep Space Observation team he was thrust back into the busy multi-cultural world of Starfleet.

Whilst working on a long range survey David discovered evidence of large scale weapons testing across the border in the chaotic contested space follwing the dissolution of the Romulan Star Empire. Quickly assigned to Theta Squad he was whisked away on the Nestus as part of the teams remit to respond to dangerous scientific anomolies.

The young man who wanted a quiet life of scientific exploration and study has found himself an indispencible member of a team who exists to dive headlong into dangerous scientific incidents. The most worrying thing is he is beginning to like it.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2401 - Present Science Officer - Theta Squad USS Helios
2401 Science Officer - Theta Squad USS Daedalus
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2399 - 2401 Science Specialist U.S.S. Nestus
2394 - 2399 Project Assistant - Secondment Vulcan Starship Shu'Min
2390 - 2394 Cadet Science Track
Cadet Senior Grade