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Kitiuas “Kit” Thenis

Orion Female

Character Information



Played By

Carol (ID: )


Kitiuas “Kit” Thenis is an orion female. She was born Rigel VIII (Botchok) but was raised on the Federation Space Station: Sanctuary since the age of 5. She has a younger half-sister: Kasso and her mother; Layas is the owner and chief chef of the family restaurant (Layas Enigma Bistro) on Sanctuary. Her father; Jogam, is currently an immate at the Tantalus Penal Colony, Her mother divorced her father and married her fathers brother, her uncle, Lakkak, a Warrant Security Officer in the Federation Merchant Marine, when she was seven. Kit wants to go to Starfleet Academy and study law and law enforcement and become a Special Investigator. To this end she studied as hard as she could and graduated summa cum laude. She has applied for Star Fleet Academy with the sponsorship of the Head of Security of Sanctuary.