Profile Overview

Ally Scott

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Scott


Alison Lily Scott

September 25, 2367

San Francisco, California


Full Name: Allison Lily Scott

Maiden Name: n/a

Nickname: Ally.

Date of Birth: March 4, 2367

Place of Birth: San Diego, California

Age: 25

______________________________________ PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS:

Hair – blonde, long that comes just below her shoulder blades when it is down.

Eye color – Green with golden flecks around her pupils with dark lashes

Body Features – Fair skinned but tan easily in the sun. She is slim with a muscular build like a runner. She has no tattoos.

Height – 5’4″

Weight – 130 lbs.


______________________________________ MEDICAL INFORMATION:

Allison has no significant/chronic medical conditions. She has had no major hospitalizations. As a child, she broke her collarbone and left wrist.

______________________________________ PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION

She has no history of counseling or psychiatric conditions. She is a very happy person and often is smiling and laughing. Allison is also very talkative and seems to know everyone on the ship that wants to know her.

______________________________________ PERSONAL INFORMATION:


Parents: Her parents have been married for thirty years. Her Dad (Charles)  is a retired police officer in San Franscisco. Her mom Susan was a homemaker who held odd jobs when necessary.

Siblings: Two brothers. Jefferey Scott (a SFPD cop) and Jason Scott (a San Fran public school teacher)

The family is close-knit and call each other often.


______________________________________ BACKGROUND:

Allison always wanted to be a doctor in some form since she was a kid. For a long period of time, she thought she wanted to be a veterinarian. It was only after volunteering with her church to rebuild homes devastated by a typhoon caused by a malfunction in the weather systems did Ally decide she wanted to help people over animals.

Ally is the first and only member of her family to join Starfleet. She joined after watching a recruitment holo her senior year of pre-psychiatry at UCLA. She had seen a program on the Federation News Network about a specialty ship whose purpose was to aid in the medical needs of the Federation and Starfleet. After graduating from UCLA, Allison applied to Starfleet Academy where she completed her degree specializing in psychiatry.

______________________________________ EDUCATION/CAREER:


University: The University of California, Los Angeles Undergraduate Pre-Med (Los Angeles, California)
Star Fleet Medical Academy (San Francisco, CA Earth)