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Aalx Unete

Betazoid Male

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Aalx Unete




Aalx (Alex) grew up during the dominion war, loosing his parents brutally changed him from a young boy who wanted to play music to a hardened person who only 8 fought in the Betazed uprisings. He learned how to use a phaser rifle to good use against Jem’Hadar and Cardassian troops. When the war ended, he was slated to go to the many new orphanages that sprang up, but constantly escaped and made his way around until he was 17. He joined a group of smugglers who constantly skirted the law until one day they were surrounded by Starfleet officers. Refusing to attack them he turned on his fellow smugglers. When his history as well as how he helped the Starfleet Security forces on world came to light, he was given a light sentence, he studied and applied to Starfleet Academy excelling in all forms of combat but lacking in everything else. He passed 147th out of 269. He is now waiting for his first assignment.


Physical Notes:

Brown hair, scars on lower lip (left) and right eyebrow from wounds. 89 Kilograms, 180 centimetres tall.


Psychological Notes:

Subject experienced the Dominion war at a young age (8) and may have some heavy trauma. Does not mention the war in detail, subjects’ parents were tortured and killed in the Battle of Betazed, Counselling offered but constantly rejected.