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Profile Overview

Mikaela Kovalev

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Lt. Commander Kovalev


Mikaela Saorise Kovalev

April 22, 2370

Sochi Russia, United Earth, Sol System, Sector 001, United Federation of Planets


After serving faithfully for five years in the Presidential Detail, Mikaela figured it was time for change. She accepted an opportunity to serve as a pilot and comms expert onboard the USS Zebulon Pike, a covert-ops starship conducting special operations on behalf of the Federation. Though she maintained her position as Special Agent in the Federation Security Agency, she was granted the honorary rank of Lieutenant Commander by Starfleet in honor of her skills and experience.



Mikaela looks to be about 24 years old (though she’s closer to 30) and stands about 5’4″. She has blonddish-brown hair that she usually keeps in a straight or braided ponytail while on duty; her eyes are blue and she has a light dusting freckles around her cheeks and nose. She was born with Ectrodactyly, which means that she only has four fingers on her right hand and three fingers on her left. She was also born with a deformity in her right leg, so when she was little, her right leg was amputated above the knee. She had a small deformity in her remaining foot, but it was mostly cosmetic. She uses a prosthetic leg or just hops around without it. Exactly because of this, her balance is amazing.


Mikaela Saoirse Kovalev was born on April 22, 2370 to Niamh and Dimitri Kovalev in Sochi Russia, Earth. Before she was born, doctors informed Mikaela’s parents that she would most likely be born with deformities in her limbs. They suggested DNA therapies to try and correct the deformities, but her parents declined. They believed that her disability would not only challenge her, it would allow her to gain a different perspective. She was born with what the doctors called Ectrodactyly, which in general meant a deformity in her hands and feet; though in Mikaela’s case she had only three fingers on her right and four on her left, as well as a minor deformity on her right foot and a severe leg deformity on her left. Doctors advised her parents that amputation may be the best option so that she might lead a “normal” life. Her parents assented, and her left leg was amputated above the knee. She did not let her disability stop her from doing things. Growing up, she showed a keen interest in the martial arts, and when she was old enough, her parents enrolled her into Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu, and Judo. Though she had a lot of athletic prowess, her academic side was a bit wanting, as she struggled with mild dyslexia. She always worked hard and was able to earn fairly decent grades. Athletically, Mikaela competed in several Federation competitions in jujitsu, twice earning a spot on the United Earth team and earning one silver medal.

Once she turned 18, she spent a year touring Europe while she decided what she wanted to do. She really wasn’t interested in Starfleet, nor was she interested in pursuing what she called a “boring career” working in government as a bureaucrat. She wanted action, and so joined the Federation Security Agency. She spent three years at the Federation Security Agency Academy, learning how to enforce the law and use firearms and phasers. She graduated close to the top of her class, and was assigned to the patrol division of FSA, where she was assigned a partner and a specially marked shuttlecraft to do routine patrols of the Sol Sector. It was here that Mikaela honed her piloting skills, as her partner, Agent Brissia Amaya, was a skilled pilot and taught her some tricks. She conducted routine inspections, served arrest warrants, and more often than not, broke up brawls between Starfleet officers and Nausicaans in various bars around the system. After two years of routine law enforcement work, she was promoted to Special Agent and assigned to the corruption division, investigating high-ranking Federation and Starfleet officers and other diplomats to ensure that everything was above board. One of her case studies in the academy was the “Leyton Affair,” where several high ranking Starfleet officers, including an Admiral and a few Captains, all conspired to foment a coup against the Federation civilian leadership, including the President of the Federation. The coup was exposed and the officers arrested by the brave actions of a Starfleet Captain and his crew. In order to ensure that such an event never happens again, all FSA agents are taught the case in great detail and a new bureau was set up in the FSA to expose corruption. Mikaela works within this bureau, and her clearance level is upgraded to protect the sensitiveness of the investigations.

After two years as a Special Agent in the various divisions of the FSA, she was selected and reassigned to the Presidential Protection Detail, and was sent for training at the FSA Presidential Detail Academy in Versailles.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2389 - 2392 Training Agent Federation Security Agency (FSA)
2392 - 2394 Agent Federation Security Agency (FSA)
2394 - 2396 Special Agent Federation Security Agency (FSA)
2396 Presidential Detail Training Agent Federation Security Agency (FSA)
2396 - 2498 Presidential Detail Agent Federation Security Agency (FSA)
2498 - 2400 Deputy Lead Presidential Detail Agent Federation Security Agency (FSA)
2400 Officer Training Cadet Starfleet Academy - San Francisco
Lieutenant Commander
2400 - Present Chief Pilot and Comms Officer USS Zebulon Pike
Lieutenant Commander