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Jon Thompson

Angoisan / Human Male

Character Information


A man of average height Jon stands at 6 foot 2 inches tall. Jon maintains an average build not doing any exercise. He is blessed with an average to high metabolism that keeps him from gaining weight while not exercising. Jon is an even tempered man. Not getting overly angry or overly happy at any point. You can usually find him with a grin on his face. Handles every situation with a cool demeanor.


Jonathan was born on November 1st, 2335 to Ben and Kilgena Thompson. Jon is the oldest of 10 children. His father, Ben, retired from active service once Kilgena, his mother was pregnant with him.

Ben and Kilgena

Ben met his future wife while on leave. Ben was in command of the starship Jericho at the time. It was his second command, his first being the Tillman. Ben met Kilgena at a medical conference that was being held at Starbase 48 where he was taking his leave. Ben said he was interested in the conference but he was there to check out the ladies. At one point during the conference Ben approached Kligena and struck up a conversation. Ben asked her to dinner the same night. Ben and Kligena had dinner a few nights during the week of the conference and got to know each other a lot more. Once the conference was over Ben and Kilgena wished each other the best as the Jericho departed from Starbase 48.

They remained in contact over the next several months. When Ben was able to take leave he took it and met up with Kilgena. This time the two never left each other. Kilgena joined Ben on board the Jericho as a civilian nurse. The two were married at the end of the year just in time to welcome their first child, Jonathan, into the galaxy.

Jonathan Pre-Academy

Jonathan was born on November 1st, 2335. He is the oldest of the 10 children. With being the oldest he was looked up to by his siblings. So he felt he needed to set a good example for them. He kept out of trouble, for the most part, and decently at school.

When he was finished with his schooling he had a few choices to make. Stay in school and get a degree in a field of interest. Seeing as his father was a retired Starfleet officer he decided to try for Starfleet. His first attempt to get in didn’t go so well. Needless to say his father wasn’t very happy. At this point he figured he will make himself happy and not his father. It was his life not the old mans. So he pretty much “phoned it in” on the next attempt. Seeing that he wasn’t going anywhere he went to school.

Falling into a crowd that partied a great deal he soon found himself kicked out of school. It wasn’t until his younger sister started to do the things he doing in college but a younger age. It was a wake up call for him. He got her back on track and then himself. On his third attempt to get into the academy he aced the entrance exam.

Jonathan’s Early Career

All through his academy years he studied hard. Once he graduated about the middle of his class he got assisted to Starbase 82.

Within the first week of his assignment Jonathan had himself a girlfriend. He figured it was time to grew up and leave the shirt chasing days behind him. The woman who stole his heart was named Ashley. Ashley was Security officer on the station. She too had just arrived from the academy. He meet Ashley while Jonathan was at a local establishment when a fight broke out. She was one of the officers sent in to break it up. Let the record show Jonathan had nothing to do with the fight. Jonathan was knocked down at one point. Ashley offered him a hand. Once his eyes met hers it seemed like time slowed down. The two were inseparable.

The two were married a year later. And two months after that they welcomed Samantha to the galaxy. Life was good for Jonathan. A beautiful wife and a beautiful baby girl. By the end of the year Jonathan got a promotion and a new assignment. Ashley and Jonathan weren’t happy with being apart. He was assigned to Guerin Prime, six days at best warp from Starbase 82. Shortly after Jonathan left the Starbase so did Ashley. But she was assigned to a ship going in the opposite direction.

USS Shran

After two years on Guerin Prime Jonathan got another promotion and a new assignment. Assistant to the Chief Operations Officer on board the Shran. Named after the famous Andorian Ship Commander. Jonathan hadn’t seen Ashley or Samantha since he left Starbase 82. During his time on Guerin Prime Ashley told Jonathan that the time apart was hurting their marriage. She needed someone around more. Since either one was going to give up their commission they got a divorce. Ashley entered up marring the XO of the ship was serving on. Once he made Captain he would be able to bring along anyone he wanted which meant she would always be around.

Jonathan did the best he could while on the Shran to stay in contact with his daughter. He hadn’t seen her since she was a baby. And by the time he was reassigned away from the Shran, Samantha would be four coming up on five.

USS Bering

Upon his arrival on board the Bering Jonathan assumed the role of Chief of Operations. The Bering would then begin a two year deep space mission. Contact with his daughter during this time was limited. During his time on board Jonathan started a relationship with the Chief Flight Control Officer, Ensign Lilly Parnell.

During one of the missions while on board Jonathan and an away team helped free hostages held by a dictator on Verli III. Everyone on the away team got commendations for their bravery. The commendations came with a promotion to Lt. Commander.

Once the two year mission on the Bering ended and the ship pulled into port Jonathan was offered the post of XO onboard the Adventure but his Bering XO, now Adventure CO.  But Jonathan needed to the Command classes in order to take on the job.

USS Adventure

Jonathan spent the next few weeks and breezed through the course work while the Adventure was being finished. His relationship with Lilly ended when the Bering left port and headed back into deep space. She saw an opportunity to advance her career and stayed on board and became the Chief Engineer.

Once the Adventure was ready Jonathan was promoted to full Commander and was appointed it’s XO. The Adventure was assigned near the Cardassian boarder since the tension between the Federation and the Dominion was starting to heat up. All felt a war was brewing.

During an engagement with a Breen ship Jonathan had to take the helm when it’s operator was killed when his console exploded in front of him. Jonathan maneuvered the ship out of the line of fire and lined up the Adventures weapons. With the Breen ship destroyed the Adventure pulled into port for some much needed repairs. Several members of the crew were rewarded commendations. During this time the Adventure was in dock Dominion and Cardassian forces attacked and took control of Deep Space Nine. War has begun.

With the repairs to the Adventure complete the Adventure joined the joint Task Force of Federation and Klingon ship and took part in the Battle of Torros III.  Thou the Federation and Klingons were victorious several ships sustained heavy damage. The Adventure being one these.

When the Adventure docked his CO recommended Jonathan for his own command.  Seeing that the Federation was going to need as many ships on the front lines agreed and promoted Jonathan to Captain.

USS New York

When Jonathan took command of the Nebula class ship USS New York the ship was finishing up repairs. The ship was also at the Battle of Torros III. But didn’t fair as well as the Adventure did. Many hull breaches throughout the ship including the bridge, where most of the command staff were lost. Once the repairs were completed the ship received the tactical pod and was sent back out to the front lines.

Jonathan and the New York saw attack during Operation Return in 2374. Jonathan help lead several ships through the Dominion front lines as Captain Sisko made his way towards DS9.  During the battle the New York suffered much damage as Jonathan used the ship as a wedge to allow smaller ships in behind the Dominion front lines.  This action got Jonathan many commendations and many thanks for the ship captains who made it through. The New York didn’t see any more action for a while after this battle as the ship needed repairs and modifications. Jonathan also instituted many drills to improve ship battle readiness.

The New York didn’t see action until the Battle of Cardassia in 2375. Jonathan and the crew of the New York were better prepared for the Dominion and Breen forces. The New York didn’t suffer as much damage as it did during Operation Return. Jonathan performs the same strategy and helps the small nimble ships through the front lines. With the Battle of Cardassia ending it signaled the end of Dominion War.

For the next several months the New York was tasked with border patrol just in case things heated up again.  The New York took part in a few operations to chase down and destroy renegade Dominion forces in the Alpha Quadrant.

In 2378 Starfleet saw fit to promote Jonathan to Commodore.  Jonathan respectfully declined the promotion and stayed at the helm of his ship. During the same year the New York went through de-war-a-faction.  Science modules were installed and the Tactical pod was replaced with an enhanced sensor array platform pod.

In 2380 Jonathan and the New York was successful in negotiations with the Kerh to bring their people into the Federation as a member race. During the same year Jonathan was able to negotiate the Belim people into becoming a protectorate member of the Federation.

In 2386 Starfleet saw fit to promote Jonathan again to Commodore. But once again Jonathan respectfully declined the promotion and stayed at the helm of his ship. But this time Jonathan would be moving on to a new ship so his XO can take over as the new CO of the New York. Jonathan had some favors to call in and since he was in good standing with command he got to pick his new ship and crew.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2359 - 2361 Engineering Officer Starbase 82
2361 - 2363 Operations Officer Guerin Prime
2363 - 2365 Assistant Chief Operations Officer USS Shran
2365 - 2371 Chief Operations Officer USS Bering
2371 - 2373 Executive Officer USS Adventure
2373 - Present Captain USS New York