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Profile Overview

William Powell

human male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Powell







Physical Appearance
Height 6’0
Weight 160
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color blue
Physical Description William is very tall, he has no scars. William goes by the book and he layed back.

Spouse Mariah Anne Powell
Children Captain William Powell JR USS Cornell
Father Thomas Powell
Mother Jaclyn Powell
Brother(s) Louie Powell
Sister(s) Laney Mofield

Other Family
Linda Powell,School Teacher
Great Grandmother: Harriet Carnright, Lt. Commander, Nurse, Starfleet Medical Academy. retired
Great Grandfather: Harlan Carnright, Admiral, Starfleet Academy. Retired
Cousin: Mark Mofield, Lt., Communication Officer, Starfleet Command.
Cousin: Scott Mofield, Captain, Security Officer, Starfleet Command.
Cousin: Debbie Mofield, Lt. Commander, Nurse, Starfleet Medical Academy.


Personal History William Thomas Powell was born to his parents Thomas and Jaclyn Powell on July 19, 2353. He has two other brothers and six sisters.

William had a great life, he was the star of his high school plays and a track and field running. William was a good kid. He graduated High School with High Honors and had a good grade point average.

After High School, he decided to go to Starfleet Academy. Where he learn lot of science and Star fleet command lever course.

He graduated with high Honors. He was promoted to Ensign.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2375 - 2377 Science officer Uss Terricola
2377 - 2378 Second Officer Uss Merrimack
2378 - Present Executive Officer Starbase Boston