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Profile Overview

Mekor Torin

Cardassian Male

Character Information




Born on Cardassia in 2370, Mekor was raised through the Dominion War. His father served as a Gul during the war while his mother was heavily involved in politics. Both were staunch supporters of the Cardassian-Dominion alliance. However, as the war came closer and closer to Cardassia, things began to change. In the end, watching his homeworld be torn apart by war, losing his father, and having to flee his home for his life had a profound impact on Mekor. As he reached adulthood, he followed in his mother’s footsteps and went into politics. Around this time there was a lot of debate surrounding the idea of Cardassian entry into the Federation. Mekor personally supported the idea and grew frustrated with the lack of movement that the proposal had. Eventually, he decided that if he couldn’t play a role in helping move Cardassia into the federation, he himself could join Starfleet and make a difference that way.