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Profile Overview

Kyle Jacobs

Betazoid Male

Character Information


Kyle is a man that is confident and keeps himself open to anything knew. He is not overly muscular but he does work out to great affect.


Kyle is part of a Marine family that has a long and distinguished career.  Kyle is thought of to be dead to his parents.  His father was a Brigadier General who believed if you weren’t a Marine you weren’t part of the family.

Kyle grew up hating himself for being different than his siblings.  They were all into the Marines and tried to help him as much as they could.  When his father tried to have Kayla put on trial and she instead resigned her commission as Black Ops Lead he sided with his sister and spoke out about his father and how brutal he was to his family.

Growing up the only thing that even brought him happiness was becoming a pilot and he managed to do that without having to join the marines.  He first learned on shuttle crafts and then on fighters.  Now he can pilot anything without a pause even the large ships.