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Logan Hunter

Human Male

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Logan James Hunter



Logan James Hunter is a recently assigned Valkyrie Aviator, fresh from Flight School and Starfleet Academy.


Logan James Hunter was born on August 1st, 2367 to Richard and Lisa Hunter in the rural agricultural township of Riverside, Iowa. Logan is the youngest of Richard’s and Lisa’s three children. His sister Lindsey was born a little over a year before him and his brother Lucas about two and a half years before him.

Logan attended Riverside Elementary from the fall of 2372 through the spring of 2378 for Kindergarten through fifth grade. These early years he learned all he could about the famous James Tiberius Kirk, who was also born and raised in Riverside, Iowa. Logan knew his destiny was to someday join Starfleet and follow in this Legends footsteps.

Logan attended Highland Middle School from the fall of 2378 through the spring of 2381 for sixth through eighth grade. It was at this time he took up the sport of fencing due to inspiration from another Enterprise officer, Hikaru Sulu.

Logan attended Highland High School from the fall of 2381 through the spring of 2383 for his freshman and sophomore terms. He maintained a 3.0+ GPA as well as involving himself in extra-curricular activities such as soccer and gymnastics.

Logan attended Saint Kyneburgas Academy in Shrewsbury, England for the 2383-84 term for his junior year of high school as part of an international student exchange program. It was there that he met Holly Amanda Meadows, daughter of his host family, and the girl who stole his heart. Logan felt drawn to Holly over that year, but never acted on his growing feelings for her due to Neil (Holly’s boyfriend). He never even gave a hint of his true affections for Holly. Neil, Holly and Logan were often times inseparable during the term at Saint Kyneburgas Academy. Though it became apparent six months into the term that Neil’s and Holly’s efforts to fix Logan up with one of Holly’s many friends was never going to work.

Logan returned to Highland High School for the 2384-85 term for his senior year. He threw himself into his studies, but couldn’t quite shake his missing of Holly. He wanted to get into Starfleet and head as far away from Earth as soon as possible in the hopes of putting Holly’s memory behind him.

Logan went to a Starfleet recruiting station the day he graduated high school and began filling out the enlistment paperwork, despite his acceptance to Starfleet Academy. He didn’t want to spend another four years on Earth studying. He wanted to get his enlisted training done and ship out among the stars. He completed his enlisted basic, A and C schools and shipped out aboard the carrier USS Ascension by years end.

Logan spent the next year and a half working on impulse and warp propulsion systems for Valkyrie Space Superiority Fighters during his tour aboard the USS Ascension. Rising to the rate of Aerospace Machinist’s Mate Third Class by the end of his first year. He took several Starfleet Academy courses through the Enlisted Continuing Education Program which brought him to the attention of the Wing Commander. The Wing Commander brought Logan into his office one day and offered to speak with the admissions department about reapplying to Starfleet Academy and becoming an officer. Logan graciously accepted and a few months later he shipped back to Earth to start at the Academy.

Logan worked diligently during his four years at Starfleet Academy, earning enough credits to complete his Bachelor’s by the end of his third year and start his Master’s Program for the final year. He kept up with extra-curricular activities in fencing, gymnastics and took up theater, landing several roles in various productions. Logan graduated in the top 1% of his Class and immediately opted to go to Valkyrie Flight School to become a Starfleet Aviator.

Logan pushed himself hard both in flight training and in finishing up his Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. It was during this time that he once again came in contact with Holly Meadows, who was interning at Starfleet Medical just prior to her starting residency. They resumed their friendship easily enough, but Logan still harbored deep feelings for Holly. As in high school, he hid those feelings, even after both completed their final training and finding out they were to be assigned to the USS Triumphant.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2385 - 2385 Recruit Trainee Starfleet Enlisted Basic Training
2385 - 2385 Aerospace Machinist's Mate Trainee Aerospace Machinist's Mate A School
2385 - 2385 Aerospace (Valkyrie) Machinist's Mate Valkyrie Propulsion Maintenance and Repair Training Program
2385 - 2387 Valkyrie Machinist's Mate USS Ascension
2387 - 2388 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2388 - 2389 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2389 - 2390 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2390 - 2391 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2391 - 2392 Valkyrie Aviation Candidate Aerospace Fighter Flight School (Valkyrie pipeline)
2392 - Present Fighter Pilot USS Triumphant