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Caitlin O'Driscoll

Human Female

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Caitlin is a friendly, optimistic and idealistic young Starfleet cadet. Obviously she is not very experienced but is willing to work very hard to make up for that. She is a bit of a book worm and it is hard to grab her attention when she is reading.



Caitlin (or just “Cait” as she is called by her close friends) is a friendly but a tad shy young Starfleet cadet. She is also a very optimistic person and she doesn’t seem to be easily ruffled by things you can prepare for like tests and exams. However that is different in unknown situations. She is a bit of a bookworm and especially at a younger age she tended to be a know-it-all. Therefore some kids at school thought she was arrogant, but due to her friendliness these kids were only a minority and she was able to find friends at school.

When Caitlin is fascinated by a book or experiments or anything else that catches her attention she is fully focused on that and sometimes forgets her surroundings.

She is also a very idealistic person which might be due to her young age. Another reason for that might be the fact that the Federation and the Alpha and Beta quadrant in general experienced a harder time during her childhood days facing the consequences of the synth attack on Mars in 2385 as well as the Romulan supernova 2387 and its consequences. Although she did not really conceive the aftermath of these events as she was only five and seven at that time, she very well felt their gravity by seeing the reactions of the other members of her family. Especially her uncle Richard who serves in Starfleet has been an idol for her. So Caitlin strongly believes in the old values of the Federation and Starfleet. Although she is good at theory she lacks practical experience and has never served on a Starfleet vessel. In her third and fourth year, Caitlin specialised in the field of Natural Sciences concentrating on her favourite subjects of Astronomy and Planetology. She does not like the Zero G training as she becomes sick.

Personal history

Caitlin O’Driscoll was born in June 2380 on Earth.  There she spent what you could call a normal childhood. She has an older brother Kaelin.

Caitlin has always been a bookworm since the age she could read. Therefore, learning and studying have never been a problem for her. In primary school she was also seen as a bit arrogant by other students as she tended to be a know-it-all. Nevertheless she was able to find friends because of her friendly and cheerful side that she shows. She tends to be a bit shy though as well especially in new, unknown situations when she does not know anyone.

Official Photo Starfleet Academy

Caitlin during a vacation

Right after her High School graduation at the age of seventeen, she started her academic career at Starfleet Academy. Since she had always been fascinated by learning, this seemed to be the right choice for her. After all, there is so much new to find out and learn out there in space. Another reason for her choosing to study at the Academy was her uncle Richard who became some sort of idol for her during her childhood and teenage years. She always envied him for being able to go “out there”, discover new things as well as help others who needed help.

Theory and the academic Academy courses were not a problem for her, but she tends to be unsure around situations she is not able to plan beforehand. She spent the first year on the main campus on her home planet on Earth, but then she felt the urge to stand more on her own feet and changed to the Academy at Mellstoxx III. She really liked the new experience and independence there. Now at the end of her fourth year of Starfleet Academy , Caitlin was assigned to the USS Columbia for a cadet cruise.  On the one hand she is really looking forward to that as it is what she was trained for at the Academy. On the other zhand she is very nervous about it as it is another unknown situation.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2397 - 2398 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2398 - 2399 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2399 - 2400 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2400 - Present Captain's Yeoman USS Columbia