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Javorian Travis

Terran Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Travis


Javorian is a very quiet, and methodical man with a great mind, but very little social grace. An adept scientist he prefers the company of his instruments, and his husband to that of those he does not know very well.


Age: 27
Height: 6’1
Weight: 167 lbs
Hair Color: Reddish Brown
Eye Color: Green
Physical Description: Javorian is a tall man, with a trim, athletic figure. He keeps his reddish-brown hair tightly cropped, and his facial hair well maintained. Due to his biracial heritage his skin is a light brown, with reddish undertones. He cuts a masculine, confident figure, and when not on duty is often dressed in stylish clothing. His most distinguishing feature is that he wears glasses to correct vision, as he is unable to have his vision corrected by more modern means.

Personality Overview: Javorian is a curious, yet introverted individual. His mind is open, and he has a thirst for knowledge, and experience that has driven him well in his career. When he does choose to let people in, he forms strong bonds, preferring to get to know people on a deeper level, as opposed to making casual acquaintances, which can often lead people to find him dismissive, and even cold on first meeting him.
Ambitions: Javorian would like, one day, to advance into a command position and a ship of his own. As a scientist, he takes Starfleet’s mission of exploration to heart and would like to be on the front lines of furthering the knowledge of the Federation on a deep space exploration mission, with broad leeway, and discretion in what they would explore, and study.
Strengths and Weaknesses: Javorian, unlike most of his family, was always a studious, bookish boy. This served him well in creating an inquisitive mind and helped him to develop a discipline many of his relatives lacked. Because of this, he has honed his intellect and been able to advance himself in many ways. It has also created in him a more logical approach to life, which led to a strong ethical and moral compass, and an inherently honest disposition.

These things, however, are balanced by the fact that the same things which have made him a success as a scientist, have led him to be a more aloof person, who has trouble making friends unless the other person is thick-skinned enough to handle him. His meticulous attention to detail has also created a tendency towards perfection which can sometimes make him a bit obsessive about his life, and the things around him.


Spouse Michael Travis
Father Marcus Travis
Mother Brenda Travis

Personal History:

Javorian was born and raised on Mars, at the Utopia Colony, as the only child of Marcus and Brenda Travis. Both of his parents were Starfleet scientists stationed at the Daystrom Institute, who raised him in an open, educational environment, and taught him to examine the things around him as a scientist would. His basic education was accomplished at the colony’s public education facilities, supplemented, when necessary, by his parents, and he excelled in his studies. During that time, however, his own calm, analytical personality was beginning to solidify, causing rifts between him and his more boisterous, companions.

Before long it became clear that, with an exception or two, Javorian was not going to make many friends his own age. This, however, didn’t bother him. He had begun to realize that where those he knew who had many friends really knew very little about each other, and based their interrelations on superficial things, those he had begun to form bonds with shared many things in common with him and were people he could identify with in ways those shallower would never be able to achieve.

It was in high school that Javorian began to realize that he was also different from many of the other students around him at the time, in that he was attracted to members of his own sex. As a budding scientist, he realized that homosexuality was extant in many species across the galaxy, and was inherently natural, so this was not something which gave him pause, personally. But he did notice that in many cases, especially with the other boys his age it could lead to conflict, and even discomfort, and so he simply did not act on it, preferring to maintain his world in as serene a way as possible.

Due to his discipline, and his drive to gain knowledge, Javorian entered an accelerated learning program upon his entry into his freshman year, and so would be eligible to take more advanced classes, with applicable university credits, upon his junior year, as well as seeking early graduation. Thus it was that Javorian found himself walking across the stage at the age of sixteen, having taken several classes he knew would serve him well in the career he sought to pursue, that of a scientist in Starfleet.

Prior to his graduation Javorian had approached the Starfleet recruiting office in Utopia Colony, and requested information on early admittance, due to his accelerated learning program. He was given the necessary parental consent forms and sent on his way. Immediately upon his graduation he returned, signed forms in hand, to sit his entrance exam. He was able to do so the following week, and to the surprise of no one he came through with scores more than high enough to ensure him a spot in the Science division at the Academy.

It would be nearly three months, however, before Javorian would find himself leaving Mars, to go to Earth for the first time in his life. That move and the necessary changes to his everyday routines were a stark wake-up call to Javorian. Within days he realized how much he had simply taken for granted about the household his parents ran. While he had been self-sufficient in the kitchen, and various other areas of the house for over ten years, once thing he’d never had to deal with was other people sharing the space he considered his home. The adjustment to living on campus at Starfleet Academy in San Francisco was massive and very nearly ruinous for him.

Having gone from a sterile, serene, and disciplined home-life to that of a student at an Academy that accepted students from all walks of life, and from many different, sometimes wildly different, species, was a complete shock to his system. During his first week, he had taken to sneaking out of his dorm room and sleeping in one of the empty science labs just to get away from his roommate, a Human boy his age, who was loud, boisterous, and had absolutely no concept of personal space, or privacy. When it was discovered that he was doing this, Javorian found himself sitting on the other side of a counselor’s desk, having to work through this issue with her.

From there, with her help, he was better able to integrate and even began to learn to accept and learn from the differences of those around him. Of course, it helped when, during his second semester, his previous roommate flunked out of the Academy and was replaced by a Vulcan cadet who shared many of the same interests as him. However, even prior to that, he began to allow different experiences to stimulate him to learn, and engage, instead of shut down, and ignore, or at best tolerate.

Moving into his second year at the Academy found Javorian changed, substantially. While he was still quiet, reserved, and quite a bit less social than many of his peers, he had found a zest for life and had even met a boy named Michael, who he was quite quickly realizing he was falling for. He had moved into more advanced classes and had even begun to branch out socially, joining a debate team, and also running for student council.

When his third year began Javorian found that he had a previously unknown option in regard to his housing. He was able to choose, if he wished, to move into a special section of the campus, where cadets were no longer housed in communal living arrangements, in preparation for them moving into roles that would require further responsibilities, such as caring for their own quarters, and also learning to act far more independently. This also meant that he and Michael could apply to cohabitate, which they did after discussing the idea and making sure each understood what the other was looking for moving forward.

It was during Javorian’s final year at the Academy that Michael would take the step to formalize their relationship, asking for Javorian’s hand in marriage. Javorian quickly accepted, and the two were wed by an administrator on campus that day. Javorian’s family was shocked by the news, as they had hardly even known the couple had been dating. They quickly adjusted and welcomed Michael into their family. Less than a year later both Javorian and Michael walked the stage for graduation, with Javorian moving on to his first assignment, and Michael moving into post-graduate studies at the Starfleet Medical annex on Betazed to begin learning more in-depth counseling methods.

Javorian’s first posting, aboard the USS Horizon, was as a junior science officer, at the age of twenty, the youngest serving Ensign aboard the ship. He fell into his role very quickly, impressing both his superior officer, and the ship’s command staff as well, with his encyclopedic knowledge, and his ability to focus on any task assigned him and perform above expectations. However, this was somewhat tempered by the realization that he also failed to socialize and would even become withdrawn if he was forced to do so. It was nearly a year into his first tour that he finally became comfortable enough with any of his fellow officers to even discuss personal matters of any kind, and then only because one of them came to his quarters to borrow a text from him and saw his pictures of Michael.

Over the next three years Javorian would serve the Horizon well in his role. Had he known how quickly it was going to come to an end he may have relaxed and allowed himself to enjoy it more. The day his world changed started just like any other day. He woke, showered, ate breakfast, and then reported for duty. Working in his lab, enclosed in the darkness, with only the light of his instruments, he was studying a newly assigned piece of data, when the announcement came through the labs that Lieutenant Commander T’Vros was being promoted. He was stunned, he had worked under her for three years, and she was the closest thing he had to a friend on the Horizon. He was even more shocked when he found that she had requested he accompany her to her new posting as XO on the USS Haley, as the ship’s new chief science officer. He was even more stunned to be bumped in rank to lieutenant junior grade.

Barely twenty-three, still an ensign with only three years of service under his belt, Javorian was thrust into a role he felt supremely ill-prepared for. Suddenly his world went from performing experiments, and testing results, to overseeing these actions on behalf of others. He also found himself having to interact with people on a far more intimate level now, as he was their superior officer, and someone they felt they could trust and confide in. Surprisingly, to him at least, he excelled in the new position, and it quickly became apparent that T’Vros had made a very wise decision. While he was socially awkward and could come across as aloof, even cold at times, Javorian made for a more than acceptable department head.

His tenure aboard the Haley would serve him well, allowing him to develop skills he hadn’t expected to have to learn at such a young age. It also created in him a realization that he hoped to further develop those skills, and even potentially seek command of his own in time, allowing him far more of an ability to affect the course of scientific discovery in Starfleet. His time on the Haley would come to a sudden end, however, four years later. During a routine mapping mission of a newly discovered trinary star system, the ship’s systems were overloaded by a particularly powerful burst of cosmic rays the oldest star in the group, which was undergoing a very strong period of recurrent nova. The cascade failure of systems all over the ship left them crippled, and unable to escape. The captain ordered an evacuation, and all hand’s abandoned ship. Javorian watched from the viewport of his own escape pod, as the ship succumbed to the massive shearing forces of the star’s erupting stellar matter.

It would be nearly six months before Javorian was reassigned. The entire crew of the Haley were returned to earth to be debriefed on the loss of the ship, and also for evaluation for both physical, and psychiatric evaluation prior to being allowed to return to active status. Once this was completed, they were given the ability to seek out new postings, and Javorian was assigned to the Luna-class USS Ulysses where he has served with distinction ever since. His position, that of chief science officer, his rank now that of full lieutenant.

After a short stint as the chief science officer of the Ulysses Javorian would be given upsetting news. He was to be reassigned, to the Rhode Island, as her chief science officer, as she was without one at the time. For the second time since beginning his time on the Ulysses he railed against a transfer, advising anyone he felt might be able to do anything about it that he felt it would be best for his career if he was allowed to stay aboard the ship he had begun to finally feel at home in. The pleas fell on deaf ears, however, and less than a week after the orders came down, he found himself aboard the Rhode Island, taking his place as her CSO, and resigning himself to the fate that had been handed to him.

Thankfully, however, his friend, and previous CO, Commander Tharia sh’Elas, continued to go to bat for him. Only days after his transfer her efforts paid off, and Javorian was assigned back to the Ulysses. While his previous spot had already been filled, and Starfleet was unwilling to shuffle the new officer to a new billet so soon, there was an open position in Ops, and Javorian’s personality and skill sets would be just as useful there, allowing him a smooth transition back to the Ulysses, and into his new role.