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Profile Overview

Ethan Ryozo

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Ryozo


AFY-Drydock Pilot


Ethan Ryozo


Tokyo, Japan


Ethan Ryozo is an Ensign in Starfleet who is currently assigned as a Pilot of Small Crafts and Vehicles. His previous assignment was shuttling officers to and from Starbase 93 and vessels that they were going to or leaving from. Unfortunately, an incident has caused him to be reassigned to a Planetary Outpost, where his ‘talents’ will be put to good use. That is until he was hand-picked by Commander Walker to be part of his team on a Class 9 Drydock at the Avalon Fleet Yards as a Pilot-Assistant.



With a height of about 176 centimeters and a muscular build, Ethan would look as if he is someone who is not to be messed with physically. During his years at Starfleet Academy, he participated in several courses in various martial arts, as well as a member of the track team.


Ethan can be a bit short-tempered when it comes to him or a friend being insulted. This temper of his is what unfortunately got him kicked out of the martial arts classes he participated in at the academy. There are those who would find him loyal, honorable, and respectable. Although, he does have a bit of a show-off attitude as well, which sometimes lands him into trouble. But when it comes to completing an assignment, he is dependable and can be trusted to complete his work.


Ethan Ryoko was born to his father Ryan Jefferson and his mother Haiti Ryoko. As clearly obvious by names, Ethan’s father was an American, whereas his mother was Japanese. This is where Ethan has an American first name, and a Japanese last name. The reason was that Haiti’s family was traditional and Ryan had to prove himself a lot to Haiti’s father that he truly loved her. When he got Haiti’s father’s approval to take Haiti’s hand in marriage, it was a great day for Ryan and Haiti, as it was very important to Haiti to have her father’s blessing. Unfortunately, the day before Ethan was born, Haiti’s father died in a tragic accident. Because of how much Ryan respected her father, he wanted Ethan to keep Haiti’s family name.

During his years of Starfleet Academy, Ethan was an honor student, up until the last year. Ethan had unfortunately got himself into an accident with one of the academy’s shuttles during a pilot training exercise. The logs indicated that Ethan was in a race with another student, who had dared Ethan into racing them. But upon further investigation, the instructors found out that even though Ethan accepted the challenge, Ethan had made a course correction that saved both pilots. Apparently, the student that Ethan was racing, had overloaded one of their thrusters by mistake and was on a collision course with the golden gate bridge, which would have resulted in the student’s death. Ethan noticed this, made a course correction, and collided his shuttle with the students, and both shuttles crashed into the ocean. The student who made the reckless challenge was held back a year at the academy, where Ethan got a reprimand for accepting the challenge, but a commendation for making a decision in a very short time frame that resulted in no loss of life.

After graduation, Ethan was assigned to Starbase 93 as a Small Craft Pilot. He essentially ended up ferrying officers to and from starships. This would either be a personal liner with a bunch of junior officers going to one or multiple starships, or a personal shuttle with a number of senior officers, or a flag shuttlecraft with a flag officer on board. This had become a daily routine for Ethan for a while until one day, Ethan decided to show off a little bit to a junior officer who had been flirting with him at the time he was taking her from a starship to Starbase 93. This resulted in an accident, where Ethan was distracted and barely missed a trader ship that tore off one of the shuttle’s nacelles. At first, the shuttle was in an uncontrolled spin heading towards Starbase 93 but Ethan found a way to stabilize the craft and conduct an emergency landing into one of the hangar bays that resulted in no loss of life. Regardless, Ethan was reprimanded for the recklessness of his flight and then reassigned to a border Planetary Outpost, where Captain Maxwell believes will do Ethan some good.

Commander Walker then recruited Ethan to the Class 9 Drydock assigned to him, to be a Pilot-Assistant for his team at the Avalon Fleet Yards.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2399 - 2400 Small Craft Pilot Starbase 93
2400 - 2401 General Pilot Outpost Houtman
2401 - Present Pilot - Assistant Avalon Fleet Yards