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George Thomas

Human Male

Character Information



Task Force 72


George was born in Delaware, Philadelphia, on March 25, XXXX, where he was raised by his parents, William and Olivia Thomas. They are caring and kind parents.

George’s father is a shopkeeper in Delaware and his mother is a housewife and social worker. They are well respected by their neighbourhood. 

George spent his childhood studying in Delaware, playing football, and hanging out with his friends. He has two friends Benjamin and Sophia. They were all living happy life together.

When George was a kid, Sometimes he stayed a few hours outside of the house in the garden with his friends and looks at the sky, stars, and moon, he likes stargazing and reading galaxy books and has a dream to travel in the galaxy and explore the vast universe, in his early school study, George has chosen galaxy related science subjects, when he heard about the Bravo Fleet Academy from his teachers and friends, he decided and set his goal, one day he will the Bravo Fleet Academy and explore the galaxy while serving in the fleet.