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Profile Overview

Aurelia Chang

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Chang


Currently Aurelia serves as the XO on board Kartelan Station though previously she has worked with the JAG Corps as well as directly for the Task Force Commanding Officers. She has a deep passion for love and family, and has kept her personal life as part of her work life as well.


During her early childhood her parents were very much into Chinese Culture and had her learn the languages of her home even if they weren’t used as much now.  She spent a lot of time loving learning about languages and when she went to school she pushed to become a linguist.

After she started high school her mother passed away of a sudden illness. This just left her and her father who was distant and didn’t seem to have any real affection for Aurelia.  Seeing this she became withdrawn and stopped really trying in most of her school work except for languages.

At the age of 16 she ran away from home fearing her father and not sure what he would do.  She went and started to travel around China doing acrobatic dances to make a small name for herself.  She stayed there till she was 18 when she applied to go to the Academy.She was accepted just because of her ability with languages.  They said she had the ear for it and even though her other coursework wasn’t top of the line it was acceptable.  Her time at the Academy was unremarkable.  She spent her time studying and just trying to improve so that when she graduated she would be able to get away from Earth.

During her time in the Academy she fell in love with a person named Skyran a Native American who was to become her most hated enemy.  They had a brief time together which culminated with her getting pregnant at age of 19.  She carried full term a baby girl by the name of Mae Lyn.  She was lucky she wasn’t expelled but it set her back a year as she couldn’t attend her classes as often.  She was 20 when Mae Lyn was born.

At age 22 she left the Academy leaving her young daughter with friends while she was assigned out on her first mission as Ensign aboard the USS Sandor.  The ship was a Cheyenne class ship.  The ship has since been scuttled but she spent the better part of 3 years on there eventually raising to the rank of Lt Junior Grade.  During the time she also brought her daughter out as this was an exploratory ship and not one that would be going into combat.

At 25 she left the USS Sandor and was placed on Xavier Fleet Yards as the linguistic expert and communications expert.  She stayed there again for 3 years this time raising to the rank of full Lt.

When she left Xavier Fleet Yards she thought that she would be able to get another berth on a ship but instead they assigned her out to Starbase Gamma where she only stayed for a year.

At the end of that year she turned 29 and she was asked to move to Earth and take up a place as a member of the Diplomatic Corps but only as a translator.  She was to work with the group who dealt with Klingon/Starfleet relations so she really pushed to get her Klingon to be better.

While on Earth her father and her gained contact again the first time since she was 16.  13 years had passed and her daughter was already 10.  Mae Lyn didn’t like her Grandfather so that came to an end of any further contact with her father.

She again fell in love and had another child that year this time she had a little son Tye.  Once Tye was born she married her lover Lt Ander Leighton.  Later that year Leighton was killed in a shuttle accident.

Again Aurelia was left as a single mother.  Her oldest was 11 and her youngest was 1.   She was 30 and had already found out that love must be something that she shouldn’t have as everytime something bad had happened.  The only good things were her children.

She left Earth ensuring that she was given a way out and away from everything that she hated.  She took her children and left to go to the Delta Quadrant.  First she would be on SB900 as Communications expert where she would try and learn as many alien languages as possible.  She stayed there for 4 years.

When she was leaving her daughter was 15 and son was 5.  Her daughter already said she didn’t want to go to Starfleet but wanted to stay in the Delta Quadrant with her mom.  For the next 4 years she worked in various locations around the Delta Quadrant including on Helios Colony as the JAG team leader.

Now she is 39 and her daughter is 19 and son is 9.  Her daughter Mae Lyn is a civilian who is now known as one of the better linguists in Delta Quadrant Species.  She has spent much of her time getting to know the Quadrant that she calls home.

They are now based on Kartelan station where she has been acting as Commanding Officer while awaiting for someone more senior to take on the role.  Her main goal is to not command but to guide a great leader.  She doesn’t need glory what she wants is a family.

While she has a small family she always dreamed of having the large loving family that would allow her to grow.  At current she doesn’t believe that will ever happen especially with her luck with the opposite sex.  She knows that everything that she has done has been for her children.

Currently they are cut off from the Alpha Quadrant and her home sector but she knows that is for the best.  She has been working with Project Pathfinder as an advisor and giving legal advice to any and all of the Task Force Senior Officers about matters of what should or should not be done in the Delta Quadrant.

Basic Information

  • Species: Human
  • Age: 39
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5′ 5″
  • Weight: 145lbs
  • Languages:  English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vulcan, Romulan , Greek, Italian , Klingon, Bajoran


  • Mother: Li Sa Wang (Deceased)
  • Father: Kwai San Chang
  • Siblings: None
  • Aunt (Maternal): Mei Na Wang
  • Aunt (Maternal): Lai Ping Wang
  • Uncle (Paternal): So Par Chang
  • Husband: Ander Leighton (Deceased)
  • Daughter: Mae Lin
  • Son: Tye Leighton


She is a strong woman who believes that she has both the light and the dark side in her.  She is deeply spiritual taking her keys from what she would term as Mystics from Ancient Chinese Culture.

She is very independant and can work with little to no supervision at any given time.  She doesn’t expect to hear from her Commanding Officers much and dislikes dealing with those at the same time though she keeps it tightly under control.

She feels that The Federation made a grave mistake in the Delta Quadrant in cutting themselves off with the order of the destruction of the Solaria Gateway.  She knows that there was much they could have done to stop the Borg and cutting off supplies and other personnel just to prevent the Borg from gaining access to the Beta Quadrant was rather short sighted

She is very loving and wishes to have a large family one day but knows that as she ages it is not likely to happen.  She is content with her life especially as her kids are with her and not trapped away from her.

Aurelia is a very kind person but what isn’t shown is the tenacity that she has which is much like that of a pitbull.  Once she has something set in her sights she seldom just drops it.

She has a strong sense of ethics and will fight for what is right.  This has allowed her to progress in the ranks and to become one of the top JAG members in the Delta Quadrant.


In her early part of her career she was a translator and tended to stick to that area as she loved speaking other languages.  She studied ancient earth languages as well as some of the members of the Federation as well as those who she might deal with.

However after the first few years of service she realized she wanted to be more than just a translator so requested for additional training for JAG.  She quickly learned the ropes and began to get into the prosecution and defence of particular criminals.  She learned the Military law very quickly and also learned the laws of many worlds of the Federation.  She was studying KIingon Law which there wasn’t much for her to learn at the time but she was asked to move to Delta Quadrant so that she could assist with making sure that the Federation wasn’t going above the Prime Directive.