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Profile Overview

K'Tyra Parker

Klingon/Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain K'Tyra


USS Perenolde


K'Tyra Marie Parker



K’Tyra was the former CO of the USS Horizon, NCC 74661-A, But the ship was removed and mothballed. She now wishes to return to Command, But onboard another starship.


When K’Tyra was born, her twin sister Ka’na died due to complications during childbirth. She never really knew her twin sister, but her parents explained to her that she was not born an only child. Every year till K’Tyra was around he age of 8 years old, She and her parents would visit her twin sister’s grave and leave presents and flowers there, Honoring the short time they had with her.

A few years later, Her parents died in a shuttlecraft accident when K’Tyra was about the age of 11; and Fleet-Admiral Joseph Korso and his wife, Jaci, Took her into their home and adopted her.

After spending the next seven years with them; She was accepted into Starfleet, and later, When Syrena got into some trouble, She was transferred to the Starfleet Marine Corps per approval to her adopted father’s request, In the hopes that with her being in the Starfleet Marine Corps, It would change her attitude- He was right. Soon, K’Tyra was transferred back into Starfleet Academy, and She was promoted to Ensign with high honors.

No sooner had that happened, K’Tyra spent her time progressing quickly through the ranks with little or no trouble at all. She excelled in her Tactical and Security training, and later progressed through all forms of combat training, Including learning and excelling greatly in both forms of Human and Klingon Hand-to-Hand Combat and Martial Arts practices; This included weapons training as well. When K’Tyra is not on duty, She will sometimes be found in the holodeck, Perfecting her combat skills.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2014 - 2015 CO USS Horizon, NCC 74661-A
2017 - Present CO USS Perenolde, NCC 74759