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Profile Overview

ACMO - Ravi Winters

Cardassian/Bajoran Hybrid Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Lt-jg Winters


Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Cygnus (Archive)


Ravi is a Cardassian/Bajoran orphan. She was adopted by two Starfleet Officers after her parents were wiped out amongst the billlions of Cardassians killed when the Dominion and the Breen killed millions “in a matter of a few short hours”. Born and raised on Cardassia Prime, her Cardassian father took her Bajoran Mother home after he met and married her on Bajor during the Occupation. Cardassians are allegedly great with their own families but they didn’t take care of their orphans. However, Raviran had the luck to be found and adopted at 9 so she has memories of both her natural parents and her Starfleet ones. Spending all her teenage years with the latter, it was no surprise that she went to the Academy to become a Fleet Officer.