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Shrysse Zh'eshrolress

Andorian Zhen

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Able Crewman Shrysse


Shrysse is a junior transporter operator aboard the Achilles. She’s known to be friendly, competitve, and exacting. Her childhood was spent primarily in a trade family, where she learned the importance of a good first impression.


Born on Beta Prime to a family of merchants, Shrysse spent her childhood managing inventory, smiling at potential vendors, and running around ships and offices in order to meet and endear herself to the adults around her. She used her adorable smile to charm people in the pursuit of better deals for her father, who mainly traded gems and minerals form the mines. Everyone loves a businessman who loves his kids, after all.
When she outgrew her usefulness in the ‘cute’ sector, she focused her energies on the managerial side of things, but her father wanted her to go out and make something of herself on her own. She did have several siblings to take over his operation in her place, after all, and she’d always been less interested in the negotiations than her siblings, despite her skill with them.
Instead of harping on that or remaining in the civilian sector, she enlisted in starfleet. There, her interest with transporters came to some usefulness, and she managed to become a junior operator rather quickly.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2345 - 2347 Recruit USS Copernicus
Crewman Recruit