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Jacen Marquise Channing

Human Non-Binary (He/Him)

Character Information

Rank & Address

Petty Officer 2nd Class Channing


Young, and inexperienced, suddenly thrust into a world he’d never known and having to adjust to it along with the knowledge of how different he truly is from those around him. Caring, dedicated, and deeply interested in his career path, he is on track to be an exceptional officer, once he gets over his initial culture shock.



Endearing, gentle, caring, and with a wisdom that is striking in someone his age, Jacen is a well-rounded person. He takes his duty seriously, and his personal life, and the relationships therein even more so. Always there to lend a hand, or a shoulder to a friend, and ever forgiving of those who wrong him, he can sometimes seem like a pushover, but he will stand up for himself when the need arises. His high intelligence gives him a bit of a hurdle when dealing with others and can sometimes make him appear to be trying to one-up or be a show-off, but the entire idea of doing so is utterly alien to him, he just sometimes forgets who, and what he is.


A little below average height, with a lithe, willowy grace, and stunning beauty, Jacen strikes a very interesting figure. He has long limbs, a trim, compact body, and a long, graceful neck. His skin is flawlessly smooth, and a delicate caramel color. His hair, usually worn a bit long, sits atop his head in delicate dark brown ringlets. His smile, and his eyes both, can be arresting, especially when used in that way intentionally, with deep dimples in his cheeks, and a fun glint in his green eyes. He dresses in a rather androgynous style, with loose, flowing shirts that hang on his shoulders, and trousers that would be at home on pretty much any gender. He favors soft colors, mostly pastels, and wears jewelry whenever able to do so, favoring rose gold, and silver for metals, and pinks, purples, and blues for any stones.


There is a world outside of Federation space, a world known as FreeCloud, where peoples from all over the galaxy can be found. On that world, the restrictions of the vaunted Federation are ignored with no repercussions. That includes the restrictions on genetic design. Nineteen years ago, in the maternity wing of the GenTech hospital in the medical district of Stardust City, a small boy was born to very excited parents, Gabriella and Martin Channing. They named him Jacen, and they had amazing plans for him. After all, they’d sunk a small fortune into designing him to be just exactly who they wanted him to be.

As a small boy, Jacen showed the signs of his genetic designing early on. He spoke early and became quite fluent, and understandable well before other children would. He also showed a surprising degree of agility, and spatial awareness, as well as very high intelligence. While one would think these things would be blessings, they were far from. He found most of his peers resentful, and even openly hostile when he surpassed them in certain things, and then, when he was pressed forward into more advanced things, the people he was around were older than him and looked at him as if he were an oddity. It was a lonely existence, but one he could find no real way out of.

When he was around the age of twelve and began to understand certain things about himself, he realized that he did not identify as a male, per se, but seemed to experience life more fluidly, sometimes feeling masculine, sometimes feminine, and seeing nothing wrong with that at all. As he grew older this became more pronounced, especially as the initial ravages of puberty faded, and he began to mature into the obvious beauty his parents had paid for. It was during this time that he also discovered dance, and the release it gave him as he learned the various intricacies and skills needed.

As he grew older his parent’s expectations continued to increase. It became obvious that they’d already planned his life out and had very little interest in what his wishes were. They had invested a huge sum into his design and were not going to let that money go to waste. It was explained to him that they had specifically set it up so that he would be at the forefront from any career he chose to pursue with his increased intelligence and looks, and that they expected that to be used in a way that would bring them a return on their investment sooner, rather than later. At the age of fifteen he was given a few acceptable fields they would allow him to consider and left to decide.

It took him two weeks, and three or four aptitude tests to make his decision, and he eventually settled on computer science and engineering. He was tested out of high school and enrolled in the most prestigious technological school on FreeCloud three weeks later and would spend the next two years earning an advanced degree in computer science and computer systems engineering. For a seventeen-year-old, it was all a bit much. He began to experience panic attacks shortly after graduation, as he began to suddenly come to terms with the fact that his entire life had been completely planned out and he had absolutely no choices in the matter.

It was only two and a half months later, after working just enough to save the necessary funds, that he disappeared. He’d already gone through the legal hurdles to full emancipation, doing quite a lot of work to keep it hidden from his parents, and was considered a legal adult by FreeCloud legal standards, so it was not terribly hard to do. Still, he spent the three-and-a-half-week trip to Earth, where he’d chosen as the best place for him to disappear to, terrified that they were going to send someone to retrieve their property since it was obvious that’s exactly how they thought of him. Finally arriving on Earth felt like a massive load was lifted off his shoulders. He immediately went to the nearest courthouse and began the process to request citizenship and asylum to ensure that they could not find a way to force him to return to the life he’d escaped so desperately.

Once his legal hurdles in that matter were finally overcome, he went on to apply to the STSA as a computer systems specialist. He had been cautioned by a few people, during his citizenship and asylum hearings to keep his rather interesting origins at least a little bit to himself, outside of legally required areas where it would have to be declared. Genetic manipulation was still a very taboo subject in the Federation, but since it had been done outside their borders, and before he was even able to have a say, they had decided not to hold it against him legally, and allowed him to continue on his chosen path. Eighteen months later, holding himself back so that he could experience the entirety of the process, just like everyone else going through it did, he graduated as a Petty Officer 3rd class. He is now ready to start a career in Starfleet and awaiting his first orders.