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Profile Overview

Will Braxton

Human Male

Character Information


Willaim Nicholas Braxton



Lieutenant Colonel Braxton is currently the highest ranked operational marine in the Delta Quadrant and the Commanding Officer of the 38th Marine Expeditionary Unit.


Born in the city of Laibok on May 11, 2348, to then-Deputy Chief of Mission Vance and Calista Braxton; William (Bill) was the only child of the diplomatic couple. His father at the time was serving as the chargé d’affaires for the Federation Embassy on Andoria. As the child of a consular officer in the Federation Department of the Exterior, William had both and easy and a hard life. The constant travel of his father stunted Bill’s social life somewhat, but not by much when compared to those children that had parents in Starfleet, he was able to make lasting friendships that continue well into his adult years.

After graduating from high school in spring of 2368, Bill shocked his family by applying for admission into University of Maryland, College Park. Graduating from college with a Bachelor of Science degree in Legal Studies, Bill shocked his family when instead of pressuring a law degree or joining the Department of the Exterior; he signed up for the 12 week Officer Candidates School (OCS).  Vance Braxton tried to use every favor and friendship he had to get his son disbarred from the Marines, but he was unable to do so and as a result, a rift formed between father and son. Graduating from OCS, Bill was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and was assigned to the Military Police Officer to the Fort Banner on Tellar. Two years later, Will was promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant and transferred to Galen IV to help with the civilian population near Fort Obama.

William saw that he had a good career as a Military Police Office, but that all changed when the Dominion War opened in 2372. William was transferred to Fort Paris on Benzar, this time he was an infantry officer commanding Company as a Captain. As an untested commander, William’s orders were simple to supplement the Benzar security force since the system was so deep in Federation space. During the opening of the Battle of Benzar, Will became the highest-ranking officer after the Starfleet Headquarters was bombed. With the Benzar Security Forces in disarray as the Eleventh Fleet tried to protect the planet, Bill gave the order for all non-combatants to seek shelter or flee if they could go to any spaceship in port. When it was reported that the Dominion had gained control of the planetary defense systems, Bill began to organize resistance forces to delay them on the ground. Over the course the next few months, Bill protected the Royal Family from becoming a mouthpiece of the Dominion-controlled government while also ensuring that while the enemy held the space that they could never fully gain control of the ground.

When receiving word that the Romulan were coming to liberation Benzar, Bill was shocked, but since it had been months and he was commanding a force that was undermanned and unprepared, he saw this as there one change to take back their homes. In the opening of the Liberation of Benzar, while the Romulan were keeping the Dominion attention in space, Bill organized all of his remaining Marines and the Security force and they took the fight to the Dominion on the ground with whatever they had left. Facing overwhelming odd, the Dominion made Williams’ unit pay for every inch of ground they reclaimed by taking down five Marines for every two Jem’Hadar. The Romulan Empire transported the remaining Marines of the Third Battalion, Fourth Marines back to Federation space. The ¾ was all but gutted after it assigned to Benzar, but William would not allow Marine Headquarter to disband the unit.

“With respect, General. We did our damn duty and held the ground for as long as we could and when that did not work; we made the bastard pay for it every day. We made it thunder every day. We do not go quiet, sir!”

Following the defense of his unit and since he was the senior ranking officer remaining Will was promoted to the billet of Battalion Commander and the rank of Lieutenant Colonel for the duration of the war. In the remaining year of the war, William would lead his battalion in several engagements while suffering loss and wins.

At the conclusion of the war, Will took a demotion to the rank of Major and was once more transferred to the Military Police Division and to the billet of Executive Officer of a Military Police Training Battalion on Sol III. During his assigned to the training battalion, Bill was required to see a psychologist, to discuss what he saw during the war and how he felt about his action. It was noted by Commander Alexander Travers that Bill had expressed a viewpoint that saw the fight a just another series in someone trying to destroy the Federation and that they were just a breath away from losing. Yet, Travers noted that the Dominion War had increased William’s loyalty to the Federation and Starfleet.

In 2380, Starfleet transferred the now Major William Braxton to Task Force 38 to take command of the Military Police Battalion assigned to Starbase 900.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2388 - Present MEU Commander Starbase 38
2380 - 2388 Battalion Commander Starbase 900
2375 - 2380 Military Police Battalion Executive Officer Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Sol III
2374 - 2375 Acting Battalion Commander Fort Paris, Benzar
2372 - 2374 Lima Company Commander Fort Paris, Benzar
2370 - 2372 Platoon Commander Fort Obama, Galen IV
2368 - 2370 Military Police Platoon Commander Fort Banner, Tellar
2368 Cadet OCS