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Profile Overview

Chloe Miller

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Miller


Early life (2366-2384)

Chloe Miller was born on February 8th 2366 onboard the Zheng, a cargo freighter operating primarily in the Beta Quadrant. Her parents Clarissa and Steven Miller owned and operated the Zheng independently of Starfleet and made a living transporting agricultural and industrial supplies to outlying colonies.

Miller was a space brat through and through, helping out on her parents’ vessel where she could as soon as she was old enough and gained a keen understanding of the ships aging systems.

However, she yearned for more than the monotonous life of a freight hauler and made the decision to enlist in Starfleet. Her parents were initially against her decision, but when they realised short of confining her to quarters there was little they could do to disaude her.

Starfleet Academy (2384 – 2388)

Miller enrolled in Starfleet Academy in 2384 whilst she was onboard the Zheng however due to the ship’s schedule her parents could not transport her directly to Earth. Instead, she secured passage on a passing Federation Nova class science vessel, the USS Solstice which was travelling through the sector. 

Onboard the USS Solstice Millet was able to complete some of the required initial course whilst en route to Earth.

Eventually arriving in San Francisco Miller was 3 months behind her classmates and found it difficult to fit in with her peers.

Miller was an average middle of the pack student and completed her 4 years graduating as an Engineer alongside classmate Dean Matthews, who she had befriended during her second year.

USS Solstice (2388 – 2390)

Upon graduation Miller requested to be posted onboard the USS Solstice as she had gotten to know the crew whilst she was onboard some years earlier. 

Miller served as a Junior Systems Analyst onboard for two years before being reassigned to the USS Jensen, a hospital ship operating on the edge of the former Romulan Neutral Zone.

USS Jensen (2390 – 2395)

Serving onboard the Jensen for five years, she proved herself to be a capable engineer. She showed particular aptitude in damage control.

Devron Fleet Yards (2395 – 2399)

Eager to face new challenges, Miller put in a transfer request asking to be assigned to the Devron Fleet Yards. Miller was keen to work on a multitude of different ships and systems and the Fleet Yards offered her the perfect opportunity.

A few days after arriving at the Fleet Yards she met up with her old friend and former classmate Matthews.

Following an ill-fated runabout mission in October 2399 Miller was lost following an unexplained event onboard. 

Her whereabouts is presently unknown.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2388 - 2390 Engineer USS Solstice
2390 - 2395 Engineer USS Jensen
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2395 - 2399 Engineer Devron Fleet Yards