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Profile Overview

Kiran Stonewall

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Stonewall




Kiran is now a tactical instructor for Starfleet’s 4th fleet. After climbing the ranks from security officer to executive officer he now focus’s on sharing his knowledge. He uses his past to carry out his goal of teaching the new wave. He and his wife have now shifted their focus from exploration to teaching as they raise their son.


Physical Description
Kiran stands 6’3 and weighs 205 lbs. He has a dark tan complexion and piercing brown eyes. His black hair is cut short and parted to the left.


Father: Killian Stonewall
Mother: Inari Stonewall
Brother: Jullian Stonewall
Sister: Ivory Stonewall
Wife: Ilaria Stonewall
Kids: Darius Stonewall


Kiran was the firstborn of 3 children. He grew up on Luna colony. His father was a xenobiologist and his mother and xenolinguist. Both had served in Starfleet for a while but had left to start a family. He grew up living what he considered a normal life, chores school, working at home, and then sleep. As he got older he wanted more out of a life than the same boring routine. His siblings loved it but he was always sneaking off to try and find something new or a sense of adventure.

When he was 16 he ran into a crew of a Starfleet vessel on shore leave. He found himself talking with them and listening to their story. It sounded exciting and exhilarating. When he got him he talked to his parents and his father tried to turn him off from the idea to the point of telling him he joined he would no longer be a part of the family. His mother explained that his father’s brother was killed on an away mission.

He spent the next 2 years working out and trying to learn from members of their town. When he turned 18 he decided to join Starfleet.

2375 Starfleet Academy

He joined Starfleet academy with a focus on small unit tactics. He knew his father would not agree with his choice but it was his life and he wanted more no he needed more.

His first year in the academy was a struggle he knew he barely made it in and every day was a struggle to prove himself. Between classes and extra studying he found he had no time for a life.

After he got through the first year he started to settle into a routine and by his senior year, he found himself finally with a balance. It was a whirlwind what was 4 years felt like 2. Before he knew it he was graduating barely but graduating.

2379 USS New Orleans

Kiran was assigned to the USS New Orleans a new Orleans class frigate. He was a security officer, he found he was the youngest and newest one on the crew, not something that surprised him. He expected the ship to see action and brave new worlds. He was wrong, in the first 2 years, he found himself on border patrol. It was a great chance to hone his skills but it wasn’t what he expected.

In his 3rd year, they finally got a change of pace the ship was ordered to explore the wreck of a federation freighter. As soon as they arrived in the system his senses were on high alert something off. The ship had been attacked, no more than an hour had passed before the ship was attacked by a bandit. The fight didn’t last long but it got his blood pumping and after a couple of weeks in the area he received news he was being transferred.

2382 USS Winston

Kiran has reassigned to the USS Winston a Manticore class starship he was promoted to Lieutenant (JG). This was the life he wanted, action and adventure. They found themselves on the edge of diplomacy and peacekeeping. It was in these years he truly learned what Starfleet was about. His department head was a mentor to him. He was thought more about being an officer, about being devoted to duty, and that Starfleet wanted to seek out new life and new worlds to learn and share what they can for the betterment of their people.

On one mission he found himself visiting a new planet, it was lush green with forest and trees. The plants were bright and beautiful but what they didn’t know was that the plant’s released a spore that caused people to regress mentally and to become more aggressive like primates. The ship’s doctor was able to create a cure but it wasn’t until the away team turned on each other. 2 members of the away team died and Kiran learned another lesson, things aren’t always as they seem.

2382 USS Asgard

Kiran was assigned to a new ship the USS Asgard an elysion class starship. He was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned as the assistant chief of security. It was a new ship and a new change for him, after a slow start he settled into the role. It was more managerial work for him and he found that was the work he enjoyed most.

It was strange by the task and qualification exams were enjoyable to him. It was nice to teach people new skills and pass on what was thought to him. The ship was assigned to a diplomatic mission. Helping 2 large country’s come to peace after a 50-year war. While at the embassy a ship warped in fire torpedos at the surface it caught everyone off guard. While the ship above engaged the attacker Kiran found himself trying to help on the surface. The chief was killed and the xo injured. He became the acting chief and organized his crew on the surface to help.

They found it was a fraction of the country’s who didn’t want to peace they had pushing to use a bioweapon they were developing. The ship was then assigned to recover the weapon. The death of the chief had shaken the crew and the xo was wounded severely and being transported to a starbase.

Captian Ilaria Richards gave him a field promotion to Lieutenant commander. This raised morale, soon the ship was underway on their mission. He led an away team to capture the weapon and after a short fight they had the complex under control and captured the weapon.

Once they returned to federation space captain Ilaria received a new command and left the Asgard. The new captain was a stickler for the books and it caught Kiran off guard. He adjusted and it was now time for him to finally refine his work, he tooled his staff to his liking and made them bend to his way of doing things. The department ran smoothly and effectively. He spent his leave away with his former captain Ilaria.

2392 USS Valhalla

He was assigned to the USS Valhalla as executive officer and promoted to commander. He had kept in touch with Ilaria and after he was assigned to another ship they decided to try a long-distance relationship. His role as the executive officer was one he took to with ease.

He settled in knowing that he had to be the cog the kept things moving. Captian Pual Simmons was in his early 60’s and spent his spare time helping groom his Xo. The two got along and Kiran credits the man with his future success. They talk one night and he asked Kiran where he saw himself in 5 years and he told him as an instructor at the academy.

As the years went on the two men learned each other to work together seamlessly. They were assigned to scan a local star’s end of its life cycle. The start of the work was great before abnormality started messing with the ship’s systems. Soon the ship was in danger. It was a race against the clock but they finally got it working against but got the edge of the anomaly and the ship was thrown off course. A group of Ferengi ships came across the distress signal and decided there was profit in salvage.

They tried hailing them but they didn’t answer the beamed over. Thankfully they were ready but the team to beam to the bridge killed the captain trying to control the bridge and it led to rallying the crew. Once the Ferengi realized what happened they left the system leaving the shipping damage and alone.

Kiran assumed command and worked with the crew to get moving again. A Vulcan ship stumbled upon them and gave aid. Once they arrived back in federation space he requested to transfer to Starfleet academy,


He was transferred to the 4th fleet academy with his now Wife Ilaria and their son. It was what he wanted to teach a new generation the lessons he learned.

Kiran has been reassigned to the USS Venture as chief of security while the Assignment was not what he expected he knew his time as a instructor would not las for long. The position caught him off guard as he believed that with his service history he should have been assigned to a ship as a XO but he also knew that arguing and making it a issues was not what was expected from a starfleet officer.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2375 - 2379 Starfleet Tactical Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2379 - 2382 Security Officer USS New Orleans
2382 - 2385 Security Officer USS Winston
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2385 - 2387 Assistant Chief Of Tactical and Security USS Asgard
2387 - 2392 Chief Of Tactical and Security USS Asgard
Lieutenant Commander
2392 - 2396 Executive officer USS Valhalla
2396 - 2397 Acting captain USS Valhalla
2397 - 2399 Tactical Instructor Starfleet Academy
2399 Chief of security and Tactical USS Ventura