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Profile Overview

Kylara Jax

Betazoid Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Jax




2351: Born in Rwianni on the southern coast of the Opal Sea on Betazed. Middle child of five, and often left to her own devices. Family is part of the 13th house but not one of the main branches.

2351-2369: Always active as a child, was into lots of sports, did some hunting but primarily fishing and lots of different kinds of martial arts. Spent quite a bit of her time learning to paint, preferring landscapes of areas around her home village.

2369-2370: Applies and is accepted to SFA. Gets a strong start into her classes, declaring her focus in security before the end of the year. During her summer session she volunteers with a group of (mostly senior) cadets as part of a relief effort to Bajor. Making some long time friends and a deep appreciation for their culture Ky shifts some of her class focus to cultural studies.

2370-2371: Excels in her studies, makes dean’s list but has her application to join Red Squad denied. Went through a very brief slump before the denial makes her work harder. Pulling her grades up and improving her combat scores, by the end of the year she decided to reapply. This time she was offered the chance to join; her grades still weren’t the best but they liked the determination she showed.

2371-2372: Settling into her own as a member of the most prestigious squad at the Academy, Ky began looking at what might happen in her career down the line. Eyeing the center chair more than once she considered that she might take Tryla Scott’s position as youngest Captain in history. Also takes on a more senior role in the squad, helping to lead a whole unit of underclassmen.

2372-2373: Getting ready for graduation as a senior member of the squad it is her responsibility to screen prospective members. Gets to know the first Ferengi Cadet Nog. Like most Betazoids was always wary of those she couldn’t read, but getting to know the Cadet helped a bit. Took part in Red Squad’s mission to sabotage the Power Distribution Center in Lisbon. Wasn’t fully supportive of the kind of mission she was undertaking but she trusted her superiors. When the truth came out it opened Ky’s eyes about how even an organization like Starfleet can be corrupted.

2373-2375: USS Bozeman – Participates in Battle of Sector 001, man’s tactical station when chief in injured. When the war started she was primarily shifted to security, participating in several ground engagements and boarding actions. Hearing that Red Squad was considered lost was a huge blow to Ky, many were her friends and she was looking forward to serving with them.

2375-2375: USS Eclipse – After the Bozeman was severely damaged in battle she was transferred to the USS Eclipse. A very brief assignment as the Eclipse was involved in heavy fighting in the Kalandra sector and was destroyed in battle. Ky and a few others made it to the escape pods but most of the crew was killed. Surviving on a jungle planet for over a week Ky was one of the few uninjured. Seeing several of her friends die from their wounds while waiting for rescue had been very hard on her.

Eventually discovered that a Cardassian/Jem’hadar force was also stranded on the planet, Ky led them away from the other survivors. Fighting them with guerilla tactics Ky was ruthless, employing not only psychological warfare but getting into the minds of the soldiers hunting her. Eventually she turned the tables and began hunting them stalking Cardassians through the jungle making them afraid of their own shadows. By the time she and the others were rescued it was hard to see that what she’d been through had left a dark mark on her.

2375-2375: SB278 – Going through physical recovery was relatively quick but it was clear that she would need extensive counseling to come to grips with what she had done. The biggest thing was breaking her vows not to use her abilities to invade someone’s mind like she had. Getting to know the base counselors Ky was impressed by how much of a help they were, never having held them in high regard before. Didn’t end up staying long witht eh war going like it was and she was soon reassigned to the USS Kumari.

2375-2378: USS Kumari – Serving as Chief Tactical Officer Ky was once more in the thick of it, the Kumari fighting on the front lines almost constantly till the end of the war. Still seeing a counselor, Ky was really only pushing her problems to the side, distracting herself with the conflict. Despite her issues Ky stayed on after the war, the Kumari being involved with the post war redevelopment of Cardassia. Ky however found herself slipping, not enjoying her work much anymore. So in 2378 she resigned her commission.

2378-2380: Ky ends up wandering for awhile. First spending time at home on Betazed, then traveling to Bajor and finally hitchhiking around for awhile. She had hoped this would provide some kind of clarity, but instead she still found it lacking. Still dreaming of the fleet Ky eventually returned to earth and reactivated her commission.

2380-2383: SF Medical – This time however she’d completely changed her focus. Ky had always been impressed with the counselors she’d seen over the years and how much they’d helped her. After so many years of fighting she found that line of work far more rewarding than she ever did with a phaser on her hip. Going to Starfleet Medical Academy, Ky earned her MD and became a Counselor, following in the footsteps of some very good friends.

2383-2385: Ky worked with a team that specialized in treating war veterans suffering from PTSD or other disorders from their service. This was especially fulfilling for her, getting the chance to help those who’d were so much like her. This also helped Ky heal some more as well, showing her she wasn’t alone in her experiences.

2385-2388: USS Musashi – Taking a ship based assignment next, Ky got a taste for having a group of people she’d be working with for the long term in keeping healthy. Finding she had a knack for connecting with her shipmates Ky gained a bit of a reputation in the counseling circles for being able to deal with tough patients.

2388- Present: USS Southern Cross – Her reputation is what put Ky on Admiral Richardson’s radar. It was his belief that she was best suited to be the XO aboard the Cross with LtC Lashmore in command, someone who could stand up to the man but stood on equal ground.