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Profile Overview

Amber Lowell

Human/El-Aurian Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Lowell


Amber was born, on Luna, August 9th, 2358 to Patrick and Vivian Lowell. While her home life was basically normal her family situation was a bit more complicated than the family pretended. Amber’s parents were of different species though to the eye both appeared to be human.  While her father was human her mother was an el-aurian and had lived through many human lifetimes before meeting her husband. Vivian, not her original name, took on various identities throughout her life to compartmentalize her lifetimes. While her parents had known the truth about the situation it wasn’t until the children were in their teenage years that they were informed, individually.

Prior to being told about their mother’s species, and their own mixed species, they were under the impression that their mother took business trips.  She was an accomplished artist who sculpted and painted as well as a Xenobiologist. In reality while she was away she was seeing various other families from other “lifetimes”. 

Amber and her brothers had never gotten a chance to meet any of their half siblings nor did they ever learn much about their mother’s alternate lives. They went about pretending she was just on business because it was easier for them to cope with.

Educationally Amber did well in school though socially there were some issues.  She had many friends and just as many enemies.  Amber was known to be opinionated and overly honest but she also respect others had a right to their own opinion.  She often was caught up in coming to the defense of others who were put down because of their opinion. She participated in various sports including track, tennis, and swimming.  She also belonged to various community service organizations.

During her junior year of college she applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted.  Her father was not overly pleased with her decision to join Starfleet as their family traditionally had stayed out of that realm. However after some bonding time with her mother she found out that her mother had served in Starfleet previously though years before under a different name.  Amber never learned what her mother’s alternate name was and had never been able to discover it despite attempting to research it during her fourth class year in the academy.

Her days at the academy were somewhat close to those in her primary education. Amber continued to do well academically and participate in extracurricular activities  however her blunt and opinionated attitude sometimes got in the way.  She marched many times during her off time on the drill field as well as other punitive duties and assignments.

During her summer training assignments especially the two served aboard the USS Hornet she excelled in her performance.  It was aboard the Hornet that she was able to develop control over her opinions and bluntness.  She also seemed to exceed in any leadership role given during assignments. She returned to the academy after both cruises highly recommended by her superiors and the ship’s commanding officer. It was based on these reports that she was assigned to a staff position and the company command position her second and first class years respectively.

She graduated the academy with a degree in Science finding interest in various scientific fields.  Though she had gained a lot of interest in the Xenobiology field and minored in it her concentration was in Meteorology and Geology. Of course her graduation also came with her commission to Ensign and she was assigned to the USS Freedom as a Science Officer.

It was aboard the USS Freedom that she earned her qualifications as a Law Enforcement/Boarding Team Officer and Officer of the Deck. She was aboard Freedom for a full three year tour and had her automatic advancement to Lieutenant Junior Grade while aboard as well.

Shortly after the advancement to LTJG she was serving as Officer of the Deck when the ship was ordered to a colony experiencing a natural disaster.  Her skills as a Meteorologist and Geologist came in handy and they earned her a seat at the briefing table with the senior staff. As the colony did not have their own Emergency Management capabilities and and the Freedom was the closest Starfleet or Federation asset to the colony they took charge of the incident until a more capable unit arrived.

It was the incident that she assisted in managing aboard Freedom that got her interest in Emergency Management and Natural Disasters really going.  Of course she had been interested in weather, geology, and the study of planets themselves… but this was something that related and also served the Federation in a way she never felt possible. She went through her Command and gained approval to begin a distance learning program that earned her another degree in Emergency Management.

Later that year she was assigned to her second tour of duty aboard the USS Sagan.  This time she was assigned as the Assistant Chief Science Officer and in addition to her duties continued her degree program. She later advanced to Lieutenant during her tour on the Sagan.

Her next tour of duty was aboard the USS Franklin where she gained Department Head status as Chief Science Officer. It was her tour aboard the Franklin where she completed her degree and began an advanced degree also in Emergency Management. In 2387 she began the year off with a bang advancing to Lieutenant Commander and being assigned as the ship’s second officer. December of that year showed a fitness report that exclaimed about her potential as a command officer and saw her graduation with her advanced emergency management degree.

In May of 2390 despite being due for a “beach” tour she was assigned to the USS Sable as Executive Officer and promoted to Commander. Her tour as XO was very short lasting only about a year before being reassigned to a special detail. While serving as XO of the Sable they responded to Draken IV where a mass of severe storms hit the planet causing wide spread disaster.

Her Commanding Officer tasked her with leading the disaster response as she was the most educated and experienced in the field.  Upon arrival of the Federation Emergency Management Office and their disaster relief and incident management teams took control the governor of the colony requested that she remain as Incident Commander and work directly with his office. From April 2391 until October of 2391 Amber was assigned to the colony as Incident Commander and detached from the USS Sable.

Upon completion of her assignment it was clear that there was a need for more forward positioned emergency management units.  Despite having them spread throughout the Federation the Ninth Fleet and other similar forward units were so far out that they still had difficulty staffing incidents that occurred. The Office decided to rely on Starfleet for this role however there were not as many officers trained in these situations as thought. Amber was assigned to the Ninth Fleet Headquarters and began putting together an Emergency Management Plan for their area of operations specifically and developing a small staff.

Ninth Fleet Command upon requesting additional resources was allocated the USS Skylark, a Sunbird Class Emergency Response Vessel designed specifically for a role such as Emergency Management was slated for assignment to the ninth fleet. The vessel after completing an emergency refit due to an issue with it’s original warp core was sent under skeleton crew to Ninth Fleet HQ.

Planning ahead the ship became a forefront in the Emergency Response in not only the 9th Fleet’s Area of Operations but neighboring AORs as well. When the ship arrived due to her success in the Emergency Management Office, in the field as an Emergency Manager, and Leadership as a Department Head and short XO stint she was assigned command of the USS Skylark.

In 2395 Amber was reassigned to the Fourth Fleet, Task Force 86, with command of the USS Insignia. She served as commander of the until 2399 when she was assigned command of the USS Gibraltar in the Fourth Fleet Expeditionary Group.