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Profile Overview

Ravi Kala

Bajoran Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Ravi




Dr. Ravi Kala currently serves aboard the USS Apollo as Chief Medical Officer. Ravi is a surgeon at heart and channels her impressive need for control into maintaining the health and safety of the Apollo’s crew.


Ravi Kala was born on Bajor in the capital city of Ashalla in 2358, during the Cardassian Occupation. Like many Bajorans, her family suffered immensely under the occupation and turned to the Resistance. Ravi spent her formative years watching her siblings and parents resist the world she had been born into. She also watched many of them die, to sickness and wounds. In the last two years of the occupation, Ravi took to assisting the Resistance by running supplies, coded messages, and news between resistance cells. She was only one of two members of her seven-person family who saw an Independent Bajor, the other being her older brother, Ravi Virn.

Ravi and her brother had never been close, and they only drifted further apart once Ravi chose to pursue medicine when she was 17. She excelled as a surgeon and practiced for several years in her home province on Bajor until Starfleet began to integrate and accept Bajorans into their ranks in 2388. Although she had known nothing else, Ravi immediately took the opportunity to head to the stars. She left Bajor and her brother behind, and has never once looked back.

In Starfleet, Ravi excelled once more as a Medical Officer, and while stationed on Starbase 86, she was often sought for difficult surgeries–especially those other surgeons considered lost causes. Her tenacity and flexibility even in the midst of high-stakes, dangerous, and delicate medical procedures or circumstances was the impetus for her to receive a transfer to the USS Polaris as Chief Medical Officer in 2395. It was there she found her footing as a department head and a Starfleet Officer, and although her previous commanding officers note her bedside manner and willingness to integrate into groups socially needs some work, there’s little more a starship could ask for in a doctor than her, expertise-wise.

Now aboard the USS Apollo, Ravi runs a tight department with no room for error.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2367 - 2369 Bajoran Resistance Member Bajoran Resistance
2375 - 2383 Medical Student, Surgery Ashalla Medical University
2383 - 2388 Surgeon Dhakur Region
2388 - 2389 Integration Training, Bajoran Militia Starfleet Academy
2390 - 2394 Medical Officer Starbase 86
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2395 - 9397 Chief Medical Officer USS Polaris
2398 - Present Chief Medical Officer USS Apollo