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Profile Overview

L'Ennora Azimi

Half Klingon, half human Female

Character Information



L’Ennora is a child of the Dominion War. In 2373 the Klingon ship nguv put into Deep Space K-7 with a faulty communications array on their way towards DS9 and the front lines. It was there are at the bar on K7 where L’Ennora’s mother and father met and the warrior and the waitress took a bit of a shine to one another. Fueled by nerves, slightly reckless abandon and plenty of alcohol Jacqui and Krel spent one night together before the nguv continued its journey. Regretting nothing but requiring a quick patch up job in sickbay Jacqui went back to her job at the bar on K-7, only discovering a couple of weeks later that against all the odds she was pregnant.

L’Ennora was born towards the end of 2373. Jacqui had managed to get a few Communications to Krel, he was aware he had a daughter and the couple decided on the name L’Ennora but For Reasons Jacqui still uncertain about Krel never returned to Deep Space K-7. And so Jacqui raised her daughter alone on K-7, managing to have friends looking after L’Ennora while she was on shift at the bar. It was an interesting experience being stuck in deep space near the Klingon border. Ships of mostly Klingon and Federation came and went and these were the interesting punctuation in an otherwise calm life. More than one incident occurred revolving around a seemingly Klingon child being raised alone by human mother. L’Ennora I was never sure what to feel about her Klingon ancestry. She was raised mostly by federation citizens in a largely federation way, yet she appeared more Klingon than human and that wasn’t always easy.

Once L’Ennora had reached the age of 16 she was able to take some part-time work in the bar with her mother. L’Ennora quickly showed flare and ease with the work and spent a lot of time talking with and being influenced by the patrons both in good ways and in bad. This was certainly much more entertaining than a lot of her life had been up until this point and L’Ennora was happy and willing to listen to anything and everything the attentive patrons would tell her, often unaware of her age.

By the age of 18 L’Ennora was well-known in the bar at K-7 and the establishment went from strength to strength due to her presence and her influence and her mother’s fine leadership. Jacqui was now running the bar at K-7 with her daughter the superstar barmaid. L’Ennora won plenty of customers over with her warmth and her smile, so much so she was invited to apply to be a civilian worker aboard the Federation Starship Lionheart, an Excelsior class vessel with a small social club and bar. Itching to see more than just the walls of Deep Space K-7 and with her mother’s approval L’Ennora struck out on her own the adventure of a lifetime joining the bar staff on Lionheart under the watchful eye of the Bolian proprietor Qexor Belaro. It wasn’t 2 long before the Lionheart bar was the hub of the ship. L’Ennora used her own and her mother’s ideas that had made the K-7 bar so successful to promote the bar and it became a great morale boost for the crew. It was there during a rather unpleasant encounter with a handsy member of the crew L’Ennora met her first love, a young security Crewman called Fearne who stepped in on her behalf.

In 2396 L’Ennora moved again. The Captain of Lionheart had been boasting of the success of his bar to colleagues at Spacedock. L’Ennora found herself serving an admiral in the bar on Lionheart who after having a very enjoyable evening put her in touch with the club on Spacedock. This was a larger and much more glamorous establishment and L’Ennora found the experience of being wanted very influential. Fearne had been transferred off the Lionheart and when L’Ennora had proposed to try to keep her around she had been rejected. Filled with ambivalence and bittersweet memories L’Ennora agreed to a transfer but it wasn’t too long before she started to regret the move. She loved her job and was assistant manager of the club by now but being stuck on a station again ended up being a bit of a downer. In early 2399 L’Ennora started looking for opportunities elsewhere and a position of Lounge Manager was open on the USS Europa. L’Ennora applied and spent a few tense days waiting to hear back if she would be accepted.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2389 - 2391 Deep Space K-7, junior bar staff (civilian) Deep Space K-7, junior bar staff (civilian)
2391 - 2396 USS Lionheart, bar staff (civilian) USS Lionheart, bar staff (civilian)
2396 - 2399 Earth Spacedock, Assistant Club Manager Earth Spacedock, Assistant Club Manager
2399 - Present USS Europa, Lounge Manager USS Europa, Lounge Manager