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Profile Overview

Roman Dagara

Human Male

Character Information


Roman Dagara a one time Nurse aboard the USS Horizon in a role of Medic. He is a person that is not what he seems. He loves Medicine but he wanted to serve the fleet in a way that would benefit everyone


Roman spend his early years as a Nurse on the USS Horizon but was more a Field Medic.  When he left the Horizon he went to Colonies on the borders where they needed more that just a standard medic, someone who could easily help fight if needed,

The last 10 years he has been roaming around from one installation to the next helping wherever he could.  He knew that he would eventually be needed again and with the situation of the Cardassians and Breen heating up he was called back to the Alpha Quadrant to assist with everything.

Roman is not huge by any standards but he displays the typical air of authority that is so common with marines.