Profile Overview

Anastasia ‘Nasti’ Chekova

Human Female

Character Summary

Nasti was created (by me) as Chekov’s daughter, born to him and a non canon Hungarian officer named Zelina Uveges aboard the uss reliant who is no longer in the picture. Throughout her childhood, Nasti struggled with medical problems at the hands of a rare condition called RCD-II (refractory celiac disease type 2). She endured multiple treatments, which ended up draining her self esteem due to the side affects of it and the vulnerability she felt because of them. This lead her to dedicate herself to her physical strength in her teenage years, learning muay thai and jiu jitsu and enrolling in starfleet academy at the age of 16 in hopes she could do something good for the world and in turn, feel less useless. Nasti went on to become an incredibly skilled fighter who graduated at the age of 20. Because of her extraordinary resilience and dedication, she was recommended for advanced tactical training at the age of 22. Now 25, Nasti is a tactical officer with hopes of being promoted to chief someday. Unfortunately, RCD-II can progress into a terminal state at any time with no indication of if/when it will do it. With this being said, Nasti doesn’t know how long she has alive and wants to make something of herself while she’s still here, giving her the passion and drive people know her for.